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Amy Bickleman

Amy Bickleman
Executive Director
Bismarck, ND USA

Amy brings more than two decades of experience in for-profit and nonprofit business management and ownership. In December 2017, she joined The Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education as its Executive Director. She directs its growth in revenue, outreach, and programs.

As an independent business management consultant, Executive Director and business owner, Amy’s career has focused on helping businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed and realize their potential. Her role as a leader has been to completely streamline the operations, staffing, volunteer and visionary strategic plan implementation in tandem with programmatic goals and find innovative ways to succeed. Her business experience includes retail, private, commercial and nonprofit, most notably as Director of Operations at Teachers Without Borders and as the Oregon Coast Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society.

Amy first connected with GRACE in 2013 just after the loss of her mother to a lifelong battle with skin, ovarian and brain cancer. Having been raised by parents who were educators in a household where the battle with cancer was a daily topic due to her sister, mother, and grandmother all being cancer patients while she was growing up,  Amy emphasizes her passion for business and philanthropy, about managing all the pieces required to help an organization succeed, and about her dedication to GRACE’s mission of helping to provide cutting edge information on optimal cancer management and providing it directly to patients.

Amy enjoys volunteering with educational organizations as well as helping abused animals and environmental preservation groups in her spare time. Amy resides with her husband in Bismarck, North Dakota.  She can be contacted at

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