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Sally Church


Sally Church MBA, Ph.D
Blue Ice Publishing LLC

Twitter: maverickNY

Sally is at heart a science geek.  Her early background in academic research and life science was instrumental to her subsequent success in the Pharma industry, where she spent over 13 years at Sandoz and Novartis in the UK and US, operating in a variety of different roles in the organisation.

 Her particular interests are in oncology, hematology, immunology, and respiratory medicine, with a particular focus on targeted therapies based on rational drug design based upon a deeper understanding of the science and biology behind the disease:

As we learn more and more about the biology of cancer, so our ability to develop new drugs that target the abnormality with in the cancer cell alone leaving normal cells relatively unscathed is improving.  Biomarkers and improved diagnostics are also helping to facilitate this, which is essential with the increasing pressures on the healthcare systems and finite resources.  It’s no longer acceptable to launch a new drug and hope as many patients will be treated as possible. Now it is expected that companies will develop biomarkers and companion diagnostics to determine which patients are most likely to respond to a drug.  This raises the bar for new entrants while putting the focus back on innovation and science, for the better.  Smart scientists and marketers are working in collaboration to both speed up drug development and improve life cycle management, innovating and extending the life of a brand while improving patient outcomes.

At Novartis Oncology in the US, Sally was responsible for new product development for over a dozen agents in early development, one of which she worked on from phase I to phase IV, including marketing of several approvals in liquid and solid tumours.  The initial launch was announced by the Secretary of Health and Human Sciences on TV and appeared on the front cover of Time Magazine, becoming a poster child for novel and targeted cancer therapy.

From 2003 until 2010, Sally ran a marketing consultancy company specialising in hematology/oncology. 
Since 2010 until present, Sally has been a science writer/journalist and runs a digital media company that produces the Novel Targets Podcast and publishes the Biotech Strategy Blog, a subscription service offering commentary and insights on cancer research.

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