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Introducing the New GRACE Cancer Video Library!

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Over the next several weeks and months, you’ll see the roll out of a steady diet of new videos in a slightly different format. Historically, we’ve captured talks primarily oriented toward our live audience at conferences and edited them into pieces to offer people online. While certainly a helpful resource for many people, it is optimized for the live audience, and we simply do the best we can for the much larger number of people who view the content as a podcast. The video pieces are often long and may just split a 20-30 minute talk into two parts that cover many questions in each. Some of these have been done with my rudimentary videography skills and a handy cam, leading to a rather low quality A/V experience for the audience.  And the topics are a collection of issues I and other faculty members happen to think of as the most timely issues.

Our new offering will be in a comprehensive GRACE Cancer Video Library, still using a video format, but optimized for an online audience. How? Each video, recorded by a real videographer with more professional sound and lighting (though not makeup or a teleprompter). Each will cover a specific question/topic in about 2-5 minutes, so within someone’s realistic attention span, with the faculty member speaking to the video audience.  These will be able to be readily viewed on a mobile device anywhere, as well as on a laptop or desktop computer. In addition to watching on video, it will be possible to download a transcript with any figures included. 

Each video is part of a planned network that will cover nearly every key issue for a given cancer, from risk factors and presenting symptoms to management options for heavily pretreated patients. The full collection will be accessible through a main Table of Contents page that can have areas expanded or collapsed to better see the range of topics.  This will be a library with the videos recorded over months, by about 20-25 different faculty members from around the US (and maybe other countries soon), comprising about 150 different subjects.

In keeping with our historical strength, we will start with lung cancer. Look for new videos to appear regularly, and we will hope to have the full collection of videos available before this time next year. In addition, we are planning future cancer video libraries for other cancer types, starting in late 2015/early 2016. In future years, we will continue to build libraries of video content on more and more and more different cancers, while also creating supplemental, updated videos for existing libraries as new treatments and management approaches evolve.

We are also planning to build collections of content, such as a group of videos that provides an introduction to lung cancer, or managing pleural effusions, or EGFR mutations in lung cancer, that can provide an easy way for users to learn everything they would want to know about the issues most related to their needs.  We hope to make it possible for physicians and other cancer care providers to provide customized collections of content for their particular patient, potentially with a smartphone app that can send their patient an e-mail with links to the most relevant material for their needs. 

We would love your thoughts as we develop this platform. I hope it provides a great way to provide an accessible way to find and learn about a full curriculum of nearly everything a patient would hope to know about their cancer.


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