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Denise Brock

Server Slowdowns and GRACE Update

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You may have noticed some frustrating server issues with GRACE these past few days.  Our true apologies – we are working diligently with our provider to solve these issues.  We ask you for patience, and we will be hopefully trouble free as soon as possible.  

Recent issues have made me feel that it is a great time to give people a sneak peek at what we are working on behind the scenes.  GRACE is past due for an upgrade – and we have decided to give the site a shiny new coat of paint. Soon you will be seeing a new site when you log in to GRACE – and while change is always a little tough – we think you will like what you see.  

Our great development team at FUSEIQ based in Seattle has shown that they have a wonderful understanding of what we do and what we are trying to do.  They have worked with many nonprofits and have an excellent team who have been patient and understanding with our requests.  Their knowledge has been guiding us to develop a site that is intuitive, easy to navigate and much easier to find the important information that is so integral to the heart of GRACE.  We also will be implementing a new structure for our FORUMS – yes – many of the abilities that we have been promising since the last upgrade will finally be available.  Welcome back, personal messaging! 

Another very very exciting part of this rebuild is that we are giving you – our members – more control over what information you want to see.  When you have an account on GRACE, you will be able to personalize your dashboard so you see the information you want to see!  As GRACE grows, we hope to provide more and more information about different types of cancers.  We also know that not everyone – though it is all incredibly interesting and educational – wants to wade through new information on types of cancers that are not necessarily pertinent to them.  The new GRACE site will allow you to determine what feeds you get to see daily on your own dashboard.  You also can always default to the main page to see what is new, available site wide.  Here is a sneak peek! 

The GRACE main page mockup and design:

 Please feel free to offer comments and raise questions in our Discussion Forums.

Do you want to help us reach our goal?  

AS you know, GRACE is a nonprofit run solely on grants and donations from our users.   Funding is tight – and we hope to be able to launch the new site not only as a pretty new thing, but with our content and data migrated over successfully.  Operational tasks are always tough to find funding for!   

If you would like to help us reach our goal, you can donate HERE.  



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