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Denise Brock

ASCO 2017, Editing in Process!


We love our community and all of the people who help to make GRACE what it is.  Jim (@JimC Forum Moderator ) and Janine (@catdander forum moderator) are outstanding, and their knowledge and willingness to help people who come to GRACE, as well as their dedication is nothing short of amazing.  We also love people we see once a year local to Chicago who come volunteer at our booth to give weary staff a break (our friend Dan each year helps out at the booth, James has in previous years graciously offered office space for early morning filming…). Every little bit of connection we have made with faculty, users of GRACE, patient advocates, and other advocacy groups shows that this community goes beyond GRACE as an organization, it is a group of people helping people, giving where they can and sharing information to help others.  When we help others, we help ourselves.   

Jim and his significant other, Lisa – as always, met us in Chicago to join us for a small gathering – where we took the opportunity to thank everyone for their very important work. We are so grateful for the faculty, and for all of the other people who help to make GRACE happen.    

We were once again honored to be part of the ASCO sponsored Patient Advocacy Booth, where we shared our information with other advocacy groups and oncologists from all over the world.  Jim and Lisa were also able to join us for a short volunteer stint in the exhibits hall, where they were able to walk through the booths and see what happens when 40,000 oncologists from all over the world convene at McCormick Place.   

Jim C, moderator extraordinaire, knowing our community well, posted earlier in the forums a link to the ASCO abstracts for people to review, with the following perfect and short description of ASCO – “Each year the oncology world gathers in Chicago in the first week of June for the ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference, at which much of the year’s major research findings are unveiled”. 

Though post-meeting the abstracts are not now available, as we edit our videos from ASCO to share with our community, we invite you to review the meeting information they have made available.   The ASCO meeting library is available here: and other good info from the attendee resource center can be found here:  

The Washington Post did a nice overview about ASCO here:

Stay tuned for our roundtable videos on the newest information presented at ASCO 2017!  



 Please feel free to offer comments and raise questions in our Discussion Forums.


Denise Brock

GRACE at ASCO 2017



As in previous years, GRACE will have a booth in the exhibit hall at the ASCO annual meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. We are excited to again be able to meet with potential partners and other patient advocacy groups during this event!

This year promises to again be full of interesting and new information with exciting news about trials and treatments.  Dr. West will be racing around at breakneck speed, taking it all in and gathering information to report back to GRACE.  Carlea Bauman, our Executive Director will be in back to back meetings – networking and meeting with potential partners.  Our program coordinator Laura Giannini will be working with our faculty on roundtable videos, and – like usual – I will be coordinating and managing the booth, volunteers, scheduling and keeping things working behind the scenes (we keep a supply of band-aids at the booth for weary GRACE feet). We love our trips to Chicago and being involved with ASCO, and are honored to have been chosen once again to be a part of the ASCO-Sponsored Patient Advocacy Booth.

If you happen to be at ASCO this year, come by the exhibit hall and booth 3005 and say “hi” to the GRACE staff. (We have cool pens!)  We are always excited to meet new faculty and GRACE friends.  

Also as in years past, keep your eye on the GRACE website for new videos and posts recapping information from this year’s annual meeting.  For information from last year’s meeting, take a look at the videos from 2016!

Here is a little walk down memory lane…


Please feel free to offer comments and raise questions in our Discussion Forums.


Dr West

How to Find the Latest Info Directly from ASCO 2013


We’re now in full-on pre-ASCO mode, with the conference just under two weeks away (May 31 to June 4th).  Between now and then, I’ll be working on some presentations I’ll be doing while there, as well as planning a round table with GRACE faculty members Nate Pennell (from Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH) and Mary Pinder (from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL).  On the morning of Tuesday, June 4th, I’ll be sitting down with them to discuss some of the most interesting and promising work in lung cancer that we’ll have just seen coming out of ASCO 2013.  This will be just preliminary impressions without all of the data or a lot of detail, but we’ll be putting out the video from this presentation as a series of podcasts as early as later that week (around June 7th) and continuing until it’s all available probably over a couple of weeks.  

We’ll then plan to follow with a live webinar on ASCO highlights with a couple of experts presenting the key results in more detail, probably in the first half of July.  Details to come.

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