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Our website needs help, and we’re turning to you.

Cancer patients and caregivers come to to get information they can trust. The folks who log on are loyal and passionate – and for that we’re grateful.

Unfortunately, the structure of our website can barely sustain the volumes of information that we’ve posted to it throughout the years. We have podcasts, blog posts, videos, slidedocs, images, online forums and thousands and thousands of pages of data and research results – all free and all for the benefit of people living with cancer.

But on the back end, the staff is nervous. We know that the website could implode at anytime. The thought of it fills me with dread because I know how much people rely on and I cannot imagine not being there for them. 

We have the knowledge and the plans to make a better website that will be simpler to navigate and light years easier to search. Over the past few months, we have applied for grants to raise money to pay for a website rebuild and we’ve raised $10,000 – just over half of what we need. Now we’re turning to you, our loyal and passionate website visitors, to help us finally reach our goal. We’ve created a campaign on GoFundMe to raise $7,500. Won’t you help us get there?

Please give what you can and urge others – via Facebook, Twitter or that antiquated thing called “email” – to do the same. Our website welcomes 50,000 unique visitors each month. If even 10% of our monthly visitors donated a few dollars, we’d reach our goal quickly, enabling us to get to work sooner.

Thank you.

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