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Late Stage Oropharynx Cancer, Chemotherapy – Options and Practice by Dr. Weiss

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Graphic of EGFR signaling with CetuximabDr. Jared Weiss, University of North Carolina, discusses chemotherapy options and practice in late stage oropharynx cancer.


Late Stage Oropharynx Cancer, Chemotherapy – Options and Practice Audio Podcast


What you will hear in part 4

  • Adding chemotherapy to oropharynx cancer treatment
  • What is chemo and how does it work?
  • Side effects and side effect management


Glossary of terms you will hear in part 4

For other cancer-related definitions, visit the National Cancer Institute’s online glossary at

  • Cetuximab – A drug used to treat certain types of head and neck cancer, and a certain type of colorectal cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. Cetuximab binds to a protein called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), which is on the surface of some types of cancer cells. This may stop cancer cells from growing. Cetuximab is a type of monoclonal antibody. Also called Erbitux.
  • Chemotherapy – Treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells.
  • Cisplatin – A drug used to treat malignant head and neck cancer. Cisplatin contains the metal platinum. It kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA and stopping them from dividing.
  • Definitive treatment – The treatment plan for a disease or disorder that has been chosen as the best one for a patient after all other choices have been considered.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) – The protein found on the surface of some cells and to which epidermal growth factor binds, causing the cells to divide. It is found at abnormally high levels on the surface of many types of cancer cells, so these cells may divide excessively in the presence of epidermal growth factor. Also called ErbB1 and HER1.


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