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Late Stage Oropharynx Cancer, Treatment and Side Effects by Dr. Geoffrey Geiger


Weekly list of side-effects from radiotherapy treatmentDr. Geoffrey Geiger, University of Pennsylvania, outlines the course of radiotherapy treatment and side effects for head and neck cancer.


Late Stage Oropharynx Cancer, Treatment and Side Effects Audio Podcast


What you will hear in part 3

  • Medications
  • Side effects; and 
  • Side effect management


Glossary of terms you will hear in part 3

For other cancer-related definitions, visit the National Cancer Institute’s online glossary at

  • Chemotherapy – Treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells.
  • Lymph node – A rounded mass of lymphatic tissue that is surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue. Lymph nodes filter lymph (lymphatic fluid), and they store lymphocytes (white blood cells). They are located along lymphatic vessels. Also called lymph gland.
  • Lymphatic fluid – The clear fluid that travels through the lymphatic system and carries cells that help fight infections and other diseases. Also called lymph.
  • Radiation therapy/Radiotherapy – The use of high-energy radiation from x-rays, gamma rays, neutrons, protons, and other sources to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. Radiation may come from a machine outside the body (external-beam radiation therapy), or it may come from radioactive material placed in the body near cancer cells (internal radiation therapy). Systemic radiation therapy uses a radioactive substance, such as a radiolabeled monoclonal antibody, that travels in the blood to tissues throughout the body.


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