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ASCO 2012 Lung Cancer Highlights: Dr. Socinski on Continuation Maintenance Alimta in PARAMOUNT Trial

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The first of several podcasts we’ll be adding here from our ASCO 2012 Lung Cancer Highlights program, co-sponsored with LUNGevity Foundation, is with Dr. Mark Socinski, Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, who discussed the updated results of continuation maintenance therapy with Alimta (pemetrexed) on the PARAMOUNT trial. ¬†Here is his summary of the presentation that now includes data on the overall survival in that study, which demonstrated a significant benefit for the recipients of continuation maintenance Alimta.

Dr. Socinski ASCO LC Highlights PARAMOUNT Trial Audio Podcast

Dr. Socinski ASCO LC Highlights 2012 PARAMOUNT Trial Transcript

Dr. Socinski ASCO LC Highlights 2012 PARAMOUNT Trial Figs

We’ll turn out the podcasts from this program in rapid succession. Look for the next one, with Dr. Socinski reviewing an important trial on poor performance status patients with advanced NSCLC, very soon.

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