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Screening Issues and Controversy

Screening debate, pros and cons

Doctors Discuss: Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer


Dr. Jack West, Dr. Julie Brahmer, and Dr. Ben Creelan discuss the excitement the medical community is feeling about immunotherapy for the treatment of lung cancer. February 2014

It’s Time to Get Over the Lung Cancer Stigma


The stigma of lung cancer can lead to shame, fear, and sub-optimal care. Dr. Joan Schiller wants us all to get past it, and she’s leading the charge to make that happen. February 2014.

Molecular Testing in Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


Does it make sense to do molecular testing on early stage lung cancer patients? Dr. Taofeek Owonikoko of Emory University School of Medicine and the Winship Cancer Institute thinks it does in some settings. February 2014

What is the Northwestern Medical Developmental Therapeutics Institute?


The Northwest Medical Development Therapeutics Institute is breaking new ground by conducting clinical trials that will test treatments based on tumor mutations, rather than where the tumor began. Dr. Melissa Johnson describes the work of the center.

Should We Do Broad Sequencing of All Lung Tumors?


How much detail is needed when determining how to treat lung cancer? Should patients be tested for all the mutations that may exist within their tumors? Dr. Jonathan Riess discusses this issue and how he makes decisions regarding his own patients.

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