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Screening Issues and Controversy

Screening debate, pros and cons

The Lung Cancer Master Protocol/SWOG 1400 as a Clinical Trial for a New Era of Molecular Oncology


LCAM 2015


Dr. Jack West reviews the Lung Cancer Master Protocol for second line treatment of patients with advanced squamous NSCLC, an “umbrella protocol” in which all patients undergo molecular testing and have treatment assigned by the results.

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Immunotherapy Combinations: Best Balance of Activity and Tolerability?


ASCO 2015 Highlights 04


As more immunotherapeutics become available to treat lung cancer, research must determine how to balance efficacy, toxicities, and cost. That means finding which patients who will benefit from which drugs while maintaining good quality of life.

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Currently Enrolling Clinical Trials of Single Agent Immunotherapies for Patients with Lung Cancer


Immunotherapy Forum Video #24: In Part 1 of 2 videos, Dr. Matthew Hellmann provides an overview of clinical trials currently available to early and late stage lung cancer patients that study single agent immunotherapies (i.e. only one treatment is given).

Questions & Answers with Bonnie Addario and Craig Uthe; Moderated by Dr. Jack West


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #14: Speakers from video #11 and video #12 at the Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum sat for a moderated Q&A with Dr. Jack West.

Cost of & Access to Molecularly Targeted Therapies as Barriers to Optimal Care


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #13: Dr. Jack West of Swedish Cancer Institute discussed how the skyrocketing costs of cancer care are impacting whether or not some patients are able to get the right treatments.

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