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My Top Five Highlights in Lung Cancer from 2014


An annual tradition is a reflection on the key developments in the field over the past year. This year saw some major advances, with several of the biggest changes bubbling just below the surface and about to really break out in 2015.  So without further adieu, here’s my list.

For those who wish to access the pdf, it’s here: Top 5 Highlights in Lung Cancer 2014

Agree? Disagree? What’s highest on your wish list for 2015?

Squamous Lung Cancer, Part 4: Immunotherapy by Dr. David Spigel


Graphic showing cancer tumor cells and patient's T cellsDr. David Spigel, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, describes current research in immunotherapy as treatment for squamous lung cancer.


Squamous Lung Cancer, Part 4: Immunotherapy Audio Podcast


What you’ll hear in Part 4:

  • Immunotherapy treatment for squamous lung cancer


Glossary of some terms you’ll hear in Part 4:

Find more cancer definitions at the National Cancer Institute’s Dictionary of Cancer Terms

  • Adenocarcinoma – Cancer that begins in glandular (secretory) cells. Glandular cells are found in tissue that lines certain internal organs and makes and releases substances in the body, such as mucus, digestive juices, or other fluids. Most cancers of the breast, pancreas, lung, prostate, and colon are adenocarcinomas.
  • Antibody therapy – Treatment with an antibody, a substance that can directly kill specific tumor cells or stimulate the immune system to kill tumor cells.
  • Immunotherapy – A type of biological therapy that uses substances to stimulate or suppress the immune system to help the body fight cancer, infection, and other diseases.
  • Receptor – A molecule inside or on the surface of a cell that binds to a specific substance and causes a specific effect in the cell.
  • Squamous lung cancer – One of the three sub-types of lung cancer.


Dr West

Dr. Leighl’s Highlights in Lung Cancer 2012, Part 4: Squamous Cell NSCLC and Anti-PD1 Immunotherapy


Anti-PD1 FigureDr. Leighl continued her presentation on “Highlights in Lung Cancer, 2012″ with a discussion of the challenges that many patients with squamous NSCLC face, typically not having a cancer with a “driver mutation” like an EGFR mutation or an ALK rearrangement.  However, she notes that several new targets that may be especially relevant for patients with squamous NSCLC are becoming the subject of growing clinical research. In addition, one exciting development from 2012 that appears perhaps particularly beneficial for patients with squamous NSCLC is anti-PD1 antibody immunotherapy, an agent now known as nivolumab.  

Here are the video and audio versions of the podcast for this portion of the webinar, along with the associated figures:

Leighl Highlights in LC 2012 Pt 4 Squam and Anti-PD1 Audio Podcast

Leighl Highlights in LC 2012 Pt 4 Squam and Anti-PD1 Figures

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Dr West

Provocative Results for Immunotherapy in Advanced NSCLC: Dr. Joel Neal on Anti-PD-1


Continuing with our post-ASCO highlights presentation, we now turn to Dr. Joel Neal, Assistant Professor at Stanford Cancer Center, who covered several targeted therapy options that are still working their way through investigational work.  There were several promising agents reported as potential treatments for lung cancer, but perhaps none was more exciting than anti-PD-1 immunotherapy that was described by Dr. Julie Brahmer in a podcast from a few months ago.  She actually led and presented the work on anti-PD-1 in lung cancer at ASCO, but she wasn’t able to share her exciting early results prior to ASCO.  Dr. Neal provides both some background and a summary of the results that were so encouraging to the lung cancer community.

Below you’ll find the video and audio versions of the podcast, along with the transcript and figures.

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Audio Podcast 

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Figs

Dr. Neal ASCO 2012 LC Highlights Anti-PD-1 Transcript

So how encouraged are you by these results?  

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Dr West

Immunotherapies in Lung Cancer, Part 2: Dr. Brahmer on Ipilumumab, Anti-PD1, Anticancer Viruses, and Talactoferrin


Here’s the second presentation from our program on “Immunotherapies for Lung Cancer: Can We Deliver on the Promise?”.  Our first part was by Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan from Washington University in St. Louis; he was followed by Dr. Julie Brahmer, from Johns Hopkins University, who covered a wide range of immunotherapy concepts: the anti-CTLA4 antibody ipilimumab, or Yervoy; the exciting new approach of anti-PD1 therapy as was more fully presented at ASCO, new work on anticancer vaccine approaches, and discussion of talactoferrin and the past and ongoing trials with it.  

Below you’ll find the audio and video versions of the podcast, along with transcript and figures.

Brahmer Immunotherapies for LC Part 2 Audio Podcast

Brahmer Immunotherapies for LC Part 2 Transcript

Brahmer Immunotherapies in LC Part 2 Figs

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