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My Top 10 ASCO 2017 Lung Cancer Presentations


Over the next few days, about 30,000 oncologists and other cancer care professionals, along with a growing number of patient advocates, are converging on Chicago for the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual conference, the biggest cancer meeting of the year. There is far too much happening for people to be able to see everything, but fortunately people will be providing summaries on Twitter (follow me at @JackWestMD), various blogs (I’m writing commentary for Medscape), and lots of online and print news outlets.  GRACE will be doing an annual “highlights” video series in just a few weeks, but in the meantime, here is a preview of the top 10 presentations in lung cancer from my perspective, primarily thinking about likely impact on clinical practice for thoracic oncology patients:

JW Top 10 LC presentations for ASCOJW Top 10 LC presentations for ASCO pt 2

Dr West

ASCO 2012 Lung Cancer Highlights: Question and Answer Session with Drs. Socinski and Neal


We’ve covered a wide range of topics  in our “ASCO 2012 Lung Cancer Highlights” podcast series over the last few weeks.  This webinar and the podcasts from it featured Drs. Mark Socinski from the University of Pittsburgh and Joel Neal from Stanford Cancer Center; following their presentations, they did a question and answer session together, covering a wide range of leading topics in lung cancer from ASCO.  Here’s that Q&A session.

ASCO 2012 LC Highlights QA Session Audio Podcast

ASCO 2012 LC Highlights QA Session Transcript

ASCO 2012 LC Highlights QA Session Figs

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Dr West

Dr. Socinski Reviews ASCO Highlights: Optimal Chemo for Marginal Performance Status Patients


Here is the second part of Dr. Socinski’s summary from our ASCO Highlights in Lung Cancer program, covering an important presentation by Dr. Rogerio Lilenbaum that directly compared a platinum-based doublet of carboplatin/Alimta (pemetrexed) to Alimta as a single agent in patients with a performance status of 2. Dr. Lilenbaum has done a lot of work focusing on the elderly and marginal performance status patients, and this work has largely illustrated that they are not one in the same: elderly patients with a good performance status have consistently done better with more aggressive doublet therapy. So what about patients of any age with a more marginal performance status?

Below you’ll find the audio and video versions of Dr. Socinski’s coverage of the trial, along with the transcript and figures from his presentation. 

Dr. Socinski ASCO 2012 LC Highlights PS2 Single Agent vs Doublet Trial Audio Podcast

Dr. Socinski ASCO 2012 LC Highlights PS2 Single Agent vs Doublet Trial Transcript

Dr. Socinski ASCO 2012 LC Highlights PS2 Single Agent vs Doublet Trial Figs

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Dr West

It’s ASCO Season: Join Us to Discuss Lung Cancer Highlights on June 28th


We’re heading into the season where much of the biggest news in the cancer world for the year is about to be released, in press releases and full presentations at our annual conference of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO).  The meeting is June 1-5, in Chicago, and I’ll be presenting some of my own work and chairing an educational session on the changing relationships between patients and doctors from the growing knowledge base of patients from online sources.  There will be several other presentations that may well have implications that can change how we practice and offer new treatment options.  

Dr. Joel Neal

Dr. Mark Socinski

On June 28th, at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific, we’re going to have two terrific guest faculty members leading us through the most interesting and important work: Dr. Joel Neal, Assistant Professor in Medical Oncology at Stanford, and Dr. Mark Socinski, Professor and Director of the Lung Cancer Program at the University of Pittsburgh.  Rather than divide by cancer type, we’ll see what the most relevant ASCO presentations are and then divide them between our two great speakers.  Each will speak for about 30 minutes, followed by time for a question and answer session with our live audience.

Registration is free: all you need to do to join our ASCO Lung Cancer Highlight webinar is to sign up through this link.  We’ll be editing the content of the program to make it available in free podcasts, but you’ll want to be there for the live event!



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