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Does Gilotrif Help EGFR Positive Lung Cancer Patients?


An analysis of two large studies of EGFR lung cancer patients tried to determine if Gilotrif helped patients live longer.

Combined OS analysis: mutation categories

Does Adding Avastin to Tarceva Help EGFR Positive Lung Cancer Patients?


Drs. Nasser Hanna, Melissa Johnson and Jack West discuss results of a phase 2 trial presented at ASCO 2014 that studied if adding Avastin (bevicizumab) to Tarceva helped EGFR positive lung cancer patients increase progression-free survival. June 2014.

Primary endpoint: PFS by independent review

How Do We Make EGFR Inhibitors Work Better for Patients


Dr. Geoffrey Oxnard of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute describes what research indicates may be more successful treatments for EGFR lung cancer patients.

Why Are Non-Mutated EGFR Genes Called “Wild Type?”


When it comes to EGFR and lung cancer, is a mutation good or bad? Dr. Joel Neal of Stanford University Medical Center explains why non-mutated genes are called “wild type.” February 2014.

Advice for Lung Cancer Patients: Know Thy Cancer


What should lung cancer patients know about their disease? Dr. Jonathan Riess argues that patients should understand what type of lung cancer they have and which, if any, mutations their lung tumors may have. He explains why in this video.

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