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GRACE :: Lung Cancer


Questions & Answers with Drs. Riely, Weiss and Sequist; Moderated by Dr. West


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #4: The first three speakers at the Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum sat for a moderated Q&A with Dr. Jack West. 

Repeat Biopsies & the Potential Value of Biologically-Informed Acquired Resistance Therapy


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #3: Dr. Lecia Sequist of Massachusetts General Hospital detailed why doctors started doing repeat biopsies for patients receiving targeted therapies and how they help patients and doctors determine next steps in treatment.

Life After 1st Line Targeted Therapy: What Next?


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #2: Dr. Jared Weiss of the University of North Carolina addressed the Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum with information on what patients’ options are when their ALK, ROS1 or EGFR lung cancer progresses. September 2014

What is Acquired Resistance and How Does it Occur?


Acquired Resistance Forum Video #1: Dr. Gregory J. Riely of Memoral Sloan Kettering Cancer Center opened the Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum with a basic introduction of how ALK, ROS1 and EGFR lung cancers become resistant to treatment. September 2014

Are EGFR TKIs (Such as Tarceva) Effective in Lung Cancer Patients Who Are Wild Type EGFR?


For patients with wild type EGFR, meaning there is no EGFR mutation, drugs like Tarceva (erlotinib) can have a small benefit, but Dr. Joan Schiller wants research to do better. February 2014

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