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What Are Heat Shock Protein (HSP) 90 Inhibitors and How May They Help Fight Lung Cancer?


“HSP 90 inhibitors are a really cool class of drugs…” states Dr. Melissa Johnson of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center as she describes what researchers are learning about these drugs still in early development. February 2014.

Is Necitumumab An Effective Antibody Against EGFR for Patients with Squamous Lung Cancer?


Dr. Nasser Hanna discusses the SQUIRE trial of the EGFR antibody Necitumumab in patients with squamous lung cancer. Though it achieved a statistical increase in OS, he does not consider it clinically relevant.

Primary Outcome: Overall Survival (ITT)

CO1686 – 3rd Generation Drug for Acquired Resistance in EGFR Lung Cancer


Lung cancer patients with the EGFR mutation who had progressed on other drugs did well on a new drug in clinical trial, though one particular side effect concerns some.

CO-1686: Best Response in Phase 1 and early Phase 2 expansion cohort patients

AZD9291 for Acquired Resistance in EGFR Positive Lung Cancer


EGFR positive lung cancer patients who had seen cancer progression responded well to a new drug in an early clinical trial.

AZD9291: Response rate in T790M+ (central test)

Does Gilotrif Help EGFR Positive Lung Cancer Patients?


An analysis of two large studies of EGFR lung cancer patients tried to determine if Gilotrif helped patients live longer.

Combined OS analysis: mutation categories

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