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Introducing Erbitux and Other Agents into Treatment of Locally Advanced NSCLC: RTOG Experience


While there have been new agents introduced and rapidly changing standards in advanced NSCLC, another 40% of patients with NSCLC have locally advanced (stage III) NSCLC, many of whom with disease that is not resectable but is potentially curable with agressive chemo and radiation. Last year’s ASCO meeting included results that strongly suggested that consolidation taxotere after 6-7 weeks of concurrent chemo and radiation may not add a benefit, and in an important trial by the Hoosier Oncology Group (affectionately known as the HOG), the best treatment was with just two cycles of cisplatin/etoposide chemotherapy along with radiation (as detailed in a prior post).

Many oncologists, myself included, have been reluctant to accept that just two cycles of chemo and seven weeks radiation are really enough to treat stage IIIB disease, which is clearly more of a threat than stage II NSCLC, for instance, and for which we standardly give four cycles of platinum-based chemo. Most US-based oncologists give either two cycles of cisplatin/etoposide with concurrent chest radiation, or weekly low-dose carboplatin/taxol for about 7 weeks while a patient is getting radiation, and it’s a bit unsettling to think that either there aren’t potential improvements to be made by adding new agents, either to replace some of our older standards or to add along with the chemo/radiation concurrently or as a different consolidation therapy. Cisplatin/etoposide/RT has been used now for both limited SCLC and locally advanced NSCLC for 20 years, so we’re all impatient to see new agents take their place and define some new standards.

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