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Talactoferrin fails to improve progression-free or overall survival in randomized trial vs. placebo


I was disappointed to learn today that the FORTIS-M trial, a study of 720 patients with previously treated advanced NSCLC randomized to receive talactoferrin-alpha (TLF) or placebo, was reported as being negative in a press release late yesterday.   The primary endpoint was overall survival, and not only was the study quite negative for any improvement in survival (median 7.5 months with talactoferrin vs. 7.7 months on placebo arm), it also demonstrated no improvement in progression-free survival.

We haven’t received any additional details, and perhaps there will be a subset identified for further study, but officials from the company indicated that they’re likely to be shutting down research on it and cutting their losses.  The stock for Agennix, the manufacturers of TLF, dropped nearly 80% over the course of the last day, so this may well shut down the company.

Of course, I’m disappointed on several levels.  Not only was I truly very hopeful about this agent, partly because of its efficacy in phase II trials and partly because of its extremely favorable tolerability (it actually seems to reduce side effects when paired with chemo, compared with chemo alone).  Although I’d hope to see results of a trial of chemo + TLF vs. chemo + placebo, it seems that’s unlikely to happen.

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Dr West

Immunotherapies in Lung Cancer, Part 2: Dr. Brahmer on Ipilumumab, Anti-PD1, Anticancer Viruses, and Talactoferrin


Here’s the second presentation from our program on “Immunotherapies for Lung Cancer: Can We Deliver on the Promise?”.  Our first part was by Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan from Washington University in St. Louis; he was followed by Dr. Julie Brahmer, from Johns Hopkins University, who covered a wide range of immunotherapy concepts: the anti-CTLA4 antibody ipilimumab, or Yervoy; the exciting new approach of anti-PD1 therapy as was more fully presented at ASCO, new work on anticancer vaccine approaches, and discussion of talactoferrin and the past and ongoing trials with it.  

Below you’ll find the audio and video versions of the podcast, along with transcript and figures.

Brahmer Immunotherapies for LC Part 2 Audio Podcast

Brahmer Immunotherapies for LC Part 2 Transcript

Brahmer Immunotherapies in LC Part 2 Figs

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