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Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer Patient Forum 2017 Speaker Presentations




Speaker presentations & handouts

8:30 – 10am

 General Session
 The Many Faces of Progression
 Dr. Nathan Pennell
 Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center
 The Role of Local Therapy
 Dr. Shirish Gadgeel
 Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan
 Biopsies & Re-biopsies
 Dr. Karen Reckamp
 City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center 


  Pennell, Gadgeel, Reckamp – Morning General Session Combined 
  Pennell – The Many Faces of Progression
  Gadgeel – Local Therapy  
  Reckamp – Biopsy and Re-biopsy

10:30 – noon

 General Session
 The Question of Clinical Trials
 Dr. Alice Shaw
 Massachusetts General Hospital
 The Crossroads:
 Local Therapy, Chemo, Targeted  Therapy, or Immunotherapy?
 Panel Discussion with Drs. Pennell,  Gadgeel, Reckamp, and Shaw,
 and patients John Cherol (EGFR), Matt  Hiznay (ALK),
 and Sara Whitlock (RET).
 Moderator: Dr. H. (Jack) West
    Shaw – Question of Clinical Trials

1pm – 2:30

  Lung Cancer Sub-Type Break-Outs
 Dr. Alice Shaw, Dr. Shirish Gadgeel,
 and Matt Hiznay, ALK patient
  Shaw ALK/ROS1 Breakout  
  Gadgeel – ALK Breakout
  Hiznay ALK Breakout 
  ROS1ders Information

ALK-positive NSCLC: ALK Positive
“ALK Positive” on Facebook (closed group): 
“ALK Positive Outreach” on Facebook (public group):

ROS1-positive cancer (any cancer):  The ROS1ders
“ROS1 Positive (ROS1+) Cancer” on Facebook (private group):
“ROS1 Cancer Research Forum” on Facebook (public community):
“The ROS1ders” website:
 Dr. Nathan Pennell, Dr. H. (Jack) West,
 and John Cherol, EGFR patient
  West – EGFR Acquired Resistance  
  Pennell – EGFR Initial Treatment
EGFR-positive NSCLC
“LUNGevity EGFR Group” on Facebook (closed group):
EGFR-positive patients who have developed resistance to at least one TKI
EGFR Resisters Lung Cancer Patient Group” on Facebook:
EGFR-positive Exon 20 insertion cancer (any cancer)
“Exon20 Group” website
 Dr. Karen Reckamp, Dr. Vamsidhar  Velcheti, and Sara Whitlock, RET patient 
  Reckamp – MET-RET-BRAF breakout
  Velceti – MET RET Breakout
RET-positive NSCLC
“LUNGevity RET Group” on Facebook:

2:50 – 4pm

 General Session
 Managing the Cost of Cancer Care
 Dr. James P. Stevenson
 Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center
 Patient to Patient Mentoring
 Kathryn Sefcek, MHA
 4th Angel Mentoring Program
 Caveat Emptor: Assessing Cancer Information from Sources of  Varying Quality  
 Dr. H. (Jack) West
 Swedish Cancer Institute & Founder of  cancerGRACE
 and Janet Freeman-Daily, ROS1 patient,  #LCSM Twitter Chat co- moderator, Cure  Today contributor, blogger
  Stevenson -Managing the Cost of Cancer Care
  4th Angel Mentoring Program Information
  4th Angel Mentoring Program
  West – Caveat Emptor: Assessing Cancer Information from Sources of Varying Quality
  Find Trusted Online Info About Lung Cancer
  ROS1ders Information

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