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June 6, 2012 at 7:31 am  #11114    


adeno carcinome poumon muté kras.
J\’ai dejà eu deux fois Alimta.
Je voudrais savoir si il marchera encore une 3ème fois ???

Vous parlez de Nexavar : a t il une AMM pour le poumon ? (France)

Sinon quoi d\’autre !?

Merci mille fois de votre aide.

June 6, 2012 at 9:38 am  #11117    
catdander forum moderator
catdander forum moderator

Following is a bing translation because my 4 quarters of French classes were over 20 years ago and couldn’t do as well.

Adeno carcinoma lung mutated kras.J\’ have already been twice Alimta.I would like to know if it will work again 3rd?You talk about Nexavar: a t it a marketing authorisation for the lung? (France)Otherwise what d\’ another!Thank you thousand times for your help.

Welcome to Grace. I’m sorry for the language barrier. I hope you can read english, have someone translate for you, or try a web based translator.

It seems you are saying,
You have adenocarcinoma with a KRAS mutation.
You have been treated with alimta twice and want to know if it will work again.
You want information about nexavar.
You want to know of other treatment options.

This is a link to the most recent information, a financial paper which is too often the first bearer of news from trials. Unfortunately there was no advantage found in overall survival with nexavar.

This is a link to 2nd line treatment options for nsclc They incllude alimta, tarceva, and taxotere. however other drugs are used as well such as gemzar and navelbine.

Going back to alimta would depend on whether or not your cancer progressed through it. If it was stopped for other reasons like the need for a treatment break people have gone back to it and it’s been effective.

Please don’t be afraid to try your english here. You may find it is better understood than you think.

All the best,

Please let us know if you read english.

June 6, 2012 at 11:12 am  #11120    


Thank you
Going back to alimta my cancer dont progressed through it.
les lésions ont diminué de moitié.
Mais après quelques mois elles reviennent.

Je me demande si le cancer sait se défendre contre le traitement alimta
comme cela arrive avec les autres produits ??

Autre question :
ma mutation est kras.
Puis je avoir un réarangement ALK ou les deux sont elles exclusives l’une de l’autre ?
Comme KRAS et EGFR sont exclusives.

Car le pense à Crisotinib ?? Qui marche pour ALK.

June 6, 2012 at 3:52 pm  #11127    

certain spring

Bonsoir benquoi, et bienvenue a GRACE. Comme Janine a ecrit, on prefererait parler anglais si c’est possible.
So *to continue translating* – “the lesions reduced in size, but after a few months they returned.
I’m asking myself whether the cancer knows how to protect itself against Alimta, as happens with other agents?
Another question: my mutation is KRAS. Could I have the ALK rearrangement or are the two mutually exclusive? As EGFR and KRAS are mutually exclusive. What of crizotinib? Which works for ALK.”

benquoi, I think you are right about ALK and KRAS. They are usually mutually exclusive, although in rare cases they have been found together, as Dr Ross Camidge explains here:
Au sujet de KRAS, vous avez cherche des essai cliniques en France? (Have you looked for clinical trials?)
Dr West vient de participer a une rencontre des specialistes a Chicago. Il s’interesse aux resultats d’un KRAS essai mondiale (docetaxel vs docetaxel/selumetinib):
On attend son avis et ses nouvelles. Meilleurs voeux.

49-year-old non-smoker, dx stage IV NSCLC May 2010 (squamous tumour of the left lung with multiple brain metastases). Radiotherapy to chest and brain; progressed through two cycles carbo/gemcitabine. Repeated lung collapses; pneumonia in collapsed lung, Nov 2010; bronchial stent placed, Dec 2010. Declined second-line Taxotere. Mutation testing Feb 2011, surprise EGFR exon deletion 19. Started Tarceva (150mg), Feb 2011. Progression in liver and elsewhere, May 2013.

June 6, 2012 at 9:54 pm  #11136    
Dr West
Dr West

I agree that we wouldn’t tend to want to return to Alimta (pemetrexed) if someone has already progressed on it. It’s also very true that KRAS and ALK are very close to mutually exclusive.

Finally, while it has been very difficult to find a treatment that works effectively for NSCLC with a KRAS mutation, new research with the agent selumetinib has just been reported and looks very promising for patients with a KRAS mutation.

Bon chance…

-Dr. West

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