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    • Dear Dr. West- Like most people who've had a cancer diagnosis I go online hunting for info that, in the words of a wise friend, will "prove I'm going to live forever." This post of yours is exactly the sort of thing that gives solace at times like this, right before my two and a half year CT scan. (More)
    • Ok sir i m sorry i not send detail to you. Again i say sorry. (More)
    • Sir i hope with you . Plz help me. Plz only you check report (More)
    • Do not send me the report. I will not read it. Please provide no more details. This site does not provide personal medical advice to people who are not our patients. (More)
    • Sir if you send email adress then i send all recent old pet ct. Xray to you. Mutation test done after surgery this is normal (More)
    • Diagnos by biopsy adenocarcinoma then dr advice PET CT Pet ct report I send doctor advise lobectomy of rt lower lobe Opreted date 06may2014 Chemotherpy 4 dose (10 jun 2014 first dose start.) Rediation is complited 27oct14(30 dose irct) xray done on dated 26oct2014 No shadow xray done on dat (More)
    • I'm sorry, but it is not legal for me to provide medical opinion to someone who isn't my patient. You will need to work with her doctors. (More)
    • Sir plz give your mail id I send all old new xray , reports , pet ct to u. Plz sugess me i am very depress . Plz best opinion give me . I m very dipress. (More)
    • I'm afraid that without being directly involved, without seeing the images or knowing the details of her case, we can't say what this represents or what to do. Her doctor(s) would need to guide any further workup. It may be helpful to get a biopsy by bronchoscopy, perhaps, or just try treating with (More)
    • My mom lobectomy of rt lower lobe done in 10Apr14 . After lobectomy chemotherpy 4 cycle & radiotherpy complitly done on dated 20Nov14 . But today we have done chest xray where we find some shadow on right middle lobe in lower side we dought is this metasis or pneumonia. & pain on opreted pla (More)
    • Andie, I'm sorry I can't help here. Your brother's case is completely unique, as Pancoast tumors tend to be. His doctors would probably be the only people who can provide any meaningful insight. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Morning Dr West, My brother had pain that progressed over 9 months to across shoulders, mid back and left side only... inside arm numb feeling down arm and progressed into fingers. It was mostly constant. He was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis and just given painkillers. The pain was bad. T (More)
    • Chemo doesn't particularly hinder the healing from surgery, which can take weeks to sometimes a few months. The chemo gets out of your body in less than a week, but recovering from the side effects completely can sometimes take 1-2 months. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Went through the two treatments of cisplatin and almita and went to see oncologist a week before the third, and told her of the ringing in my ears, and she said if I hadn't said, I wasn't really wanting to do any more treatments she would recommend I stop anyway, (although the choice was mine), but (More)
    • My husband has stage 1b adenocarcinoma, well differentiated, 4cm, nodes all negative, but with visceral plueral invasion . He had the upper right lobe removed by robotic surgery. Oncologist recommended 4 cycles of Cisplatin and vinorelbine . He has just completed his fourth cycle. He tolerated the (More)
    • Do you realize that just having you respond ....almost regardless of what you say, is so comforting. It's as if you were reaching out and patting my shoulder and saying..."It's OK. Don't worry too much." Thank you! (More)
    • I would say that while recurrences this far out are possible, they are still very unlikely, and most of the ones that occur 4 years later are indolent cancers that appear as a new nodule or two, and not as a painful solid lesion causing pain. In other words, they are far more likely to be recurrence (More)
    • Don't actually have a question (or I should say I really do have a question but won't ask it here since I am scheduled for a regularly scheduled follow-up scan next Monday -01/12) I am posting because I have been experiencing mild symptoms that could indicate a recurrence after nearly 4 years of NE (More)
    • The side effects of whole breast radiation therapy are typically thought of in terms of potential short term and potential long term side effects..... [url=]201-01 vce exam - testking[/url] (More)
    • I had a patch of red scaly skin on my chest that itched a lot. I didn't pay too much attention to it because I thought it was psoriasis, it looked exactly like the pictures of psoriasis. It grew over time to be a bit larger than a quarter (not exactly that shape) and became somewhat thick. I had the (More)

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