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    • How very exciting Dr. Pennell! Thank you so much for sharing this news with us. (More)
    • Thank you Dr. West. I was dx'd 12 years ago with primary mediastinal large b-cell non hogkins lymphoma after being misdiagnosed and treated by my gp at the time for what was thought to be a stubborn sinus infection. I guess that experience has made me a stronger or more aggressive patient advocate (More)
    • The first thing you should know is that worry about Pancoast tumors is about 10-100x more common than actual Pancoast tumors. Thanks to the internet, a huge number of people with shoulder pain decide or at least are very worried they have a Pancoast tumor. Most don't. We here can't and shouldn't (More)
    • I think it's important to know which kind of cancer has relapsed and you are treating. I would have to say that with a mediastinal recurrence a year ago and 5 brain metastases in addition to the spleen lesion this year, I don't think there's likely to be a great value in local therapy. I think that' (More)
    • Hi Dr. West, Very interesting article. I had a lung and kidney primary and had them removed surgically in Jan '13. Then had a relapse in a mediastinum lymph node treated with radiation to the chest in June '14. This year May I had 5 brain mets treated with Gamma Knife effectively. In my last Pet (More)
    • Hi I just found this site and left a question under a new topic, but now I'm thinking maybe this is where I should post my question......I am cutting and pasting below. Dr. West, any guidance at all would be appreciated: My husband, aged 58, began complaining 2 weeks ago about pain in his should (More)
    • My mom is suffering from stage 4 non small lung cancer (adenocarcinoma). The EGFR result is as follows: EXON 19: MUTATION DETECTED. EXON 18,20,21: Negative (Wild type). She took TARCEVA for 11 months. Good results in first three months, then stable condition but now tumour has increased. Yesterday, (More)
    • Thank you Jack! As linnea said, it's good to have someone like you out there shaking the trees. (More)
    • Sorry -- you're exactly right. The reason I misspoke/mis-wrote is that we shouldn't even care about such meaningless endpoints if they aren't a clear, well-correlated proxy for something that actually affects people's lives. -Dr. West (More)
    • I thought the study didn't even show a treatment effect on hand grip strength? (More)
    • Oh, and please know that by bad apples I mean erroneous and or misleading information (and also not a personal attack!). As patients most of us don't have the scientific background that you do and it is oh so helpful to have you call out not just the good but the potentially overrated, oversold or j (More)
    • Thanks for your comments. Linnea, I really appreciate your encouragement. To clarify, my goal was not to crucify Medivizor, nor to have this be a rant for the sake of ranting. I will be happy to acknowledge that Medivizor received no financial incentive for highlighting the data on anamorelin. In (More)
    • I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do, but the combination of chemotherapy and radiation is very standard and considered optimal for patients with limited stage SCLC. Please see this summary for a discussion of what is recognized as standard of care around the world in this setting: http://c (More)
    • Go Jack! This is the sort of shake the tree advocacy that there is far too little of. As a patient, we tend to believe information from reliable sources (ASCO!) and we (patients) need someone who can parse the good apples from the bad for us. Thank you thank you thank you and keep up the good work. (More)
    • Hello Dr West, 58 yr old female, diagnosed SCLC almost 5 months ago. I have had 2 scans [CT] since my biopsy of my R10 and 11 lymph nodes, and am stable. My onc is advising eptos/carboplatin/rad .....I cant wrap my head around this at all. I dont feel good about this without some extensive work up. (More)
    • Exactly why I havent got on board with traditional treatment. I feel if there has not been much research and attention given to SCLC, how can I feel good about being treated right now? I cant! I am hopeful I can sustain myself for ground breaking news and a fair and viable treatment for this, as the (More)
    • Thanks. In response to your feedback we have updated our report of ASCO - eliminating the review that might be considered highlighting anamorelin. We want to unequivocally state again that we weren’t paid by anyone to report it. However, you have made some excellent points and our reporting might (More)
    • Thanks Dr. West. Appreciate the advice! (More)
    • The idea of adjuvant chemotherapy is that it's given within a few weeks after surgery. Beyond that, the opportunity to treat possible micrometastatic disease is not likely as good. The longer out from surgery you go, the less likely it is for the cancer to come back. There really wouldn't be a va (More)
    • Hi Dr. West. I was diagnosed with 1B cervical cancer 18 months ago. My first cone biopsy didn't have clear margins, so I ended up having a radical hysterectomy, keeping my ovaries (41 at the time). No cancer was found, no node involvement, and I was declared cancer free with follow up of visits ever (More)

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