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    • I had a patch of red scaly skin on my chest that itched a lot. I didn't pay too much attention to it because I thought it was psoriasis, it looked exactly like the pictures of psoriasis. It grew over time to be a bit larger than a quarter (not exactly that shape) and became somewhat thick. I had the (More)
    • I don't think so. In a histologically unselected population, especially if done largely in Europe, as this was, the EGFR mutation rate is likely to be low, 10% or less. For the other 90%, the effect of exposure to a subsequent EGFR TKI is not likely to be substantial, and it isn't as if all of the (More)
    • Thanks for sharing! I read the article on Esmo, and this is what I found striking: "The study discussants also noted that EGFR mutation status was incomplete for the patients and cautioned on possible bias in OS data due to exposure to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in subsequent lines of treatm (More)
    • Thank you . You are so kind! (More)
    • I really tried to articulate my general approach in the algorithm, but beyond that, it gets into the range of making a medical recommendation on an individual patient. In the setting of multifocal disease with one dominant lesion growing (and really NOT when there are several lesions growing at a si (More)
    • I have had a CT scan with contrast dye. Findings: right upper lobe has a 1.5cm predominantly ground glass opacity with a partial more solid appearing component. There is also a partially visualized groundglass nodule within the anterior right upper lobe and a faint 3mm subplural posterior in the rig (More)
    • In my opinion, communication is the biggest obstacle in getting into the clinical trials. I have been trying since my first visit to Moffitt on October 13th. I have stage 4 nsclc with mets to the spine & ribs so far. The first trial was for Med14736. I had the lung biopsy, brain MRI, CAT scan, e (More)
    • Dear Dr. Mehta, You mentioned the negative consequences of missing radiation therapy sessions. Do you have a reference on this? The situation involves missing RT for breast cancer and how that may impact outcome. Do you have a protocol for this? If a patient misses 5 fractions (one week) do y (More)
    • I have donated to GRACE through out the year because what GRACE do is needed and empowering. Many have expressed the same sentiment of usefulness of GRACE in the big scheme. It would be great to see and experience donation that matches the talk because it takes money and heart to deliver what we a (More)
    • Very kind of you to say. My general approach is to try to have patients get through four cycles if they can do it. This hasn't been exhaustively studied, but the modest but of evidence we have from a subset analysis of the Canadian BR.10 study indicates that patients who stop after fewer than 4 (More)
    • Well, I was "poorly differentiated" like your patient, (but none of the other things she had). 1B, 4.1cm on one I was recommended the cisplatin/almita far have had 2 treatments, three weeks apart. Not wanting to do any more. Just starting to feel better today...and have (More)
    • Hi Linnea Great to see you back and looking good! great video too, we need more of the same as it gives others such encouragement best wishes Lesley (More)
    • have at least one of the following high-risk features: ER-negative status, high grade, or young age (less than 35 years of age). Hopefully, women with HER2-positive tumors less than 1 cm will continue to be included in adjuvant trials of HER2-targeted therapy, giving us further data to use to make m (More)
    • I don't think I've ever been to a doctor who didn't ask me if I smoked (I quit 30 years ago), but no one has asked about environmental exposure, even though my address tells anyone that I live very close to a coal-contaminated port, in a city with a lot of lung disease among its inhabitants. Our por (More)
    • I'm sorry I can't answer your question. As a website addressing known cancer diagnoses, we can help address treatment considerations for an esstablished Pancoast tumor but not how to diagnose something that is being worked up but isn't appearing on imaging as a Pancoast tumor. It sounds as if a d (More)
    • I am a 32 yo f with a 15pack year history. I have been having shoulder pain for about 9mths now. Dr #1 did a neck xray and MRI and ruled out pinched nerves and any abnormality in that area. His next suggestion was to do a brain scan. (It seemed strange since he never did any imaging of my shoulder.) (More)
    • That's beautiful. Thank you Dr. Weiss and Thank you Tomma. (More)
    • yniloc, This post was a discussion of the general approaches most commonly employed. It may be helpful to have him see a palliative care specialist about cancer-related symptoms, as they are often among the most proactive people with regard to these issues. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • He also is diabetic, has hypertension, and is 71 years old. They have put him additionally on warfarin. (More)
    • My father has had lung cancer and recently got all of his right side removed. The reason we found the cancer is by chance, after he got admitted to the ER for liver inflammation, they caught the cancer in an Xray. His problem is that from the time that they caught the cancer (back in August) till no (More)

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