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    • We think of a once every 3 week cycle as equiivalent to 3 doses of lower dose weekly therapy. There's no data to say that giving more than an initial 6 weeks of therapy is better than the 2 courses/6 weeks. Many docs favor giving 4 cycles because we know that many patients will have recurrent cancer (More)
    • These are proteins on the cell that help clarify tht the cancer is a lung adenocarcinoma and didn't originate from some different part of the body and isn't a squamous lung cancer. Sounds like you've achieved about as much of a consensus as is possible when there's more than one "right" answer. (More)
    • Would you recommend 4 sessions of chemo (cisplatin and premetrexed) given 1 day, every 3rd week, for 4 weeks? or recommend a different "system" of giving the therapy? You mention "weeks" of therapy. So if given one treatment, and the next one is 3 wks two treatments considered 6 weeks (More)
    • Thanks Dr. West for your video....I'm 1B, in 7th week after a right thoracotomy and right lobectomy. Mine was 4.3 at the largest point. T2a, NO. 63 yrs old. FEV 1 43% pre-bronch, 50% after. Poorly differentiated. Chemo recommend, with cisplatin and pemetrexed (Almita) as you recommend by two onc (More)
    • Immunotherapy is really only available in the form of clinical trials for lung cancer. There is no clearly established benefit of immunotherapy for lung cancer at this time, so it is not a commercially available option for lung cancer anywhere in the world at this time. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Well understood Doc, My last question, could I discuss with her doctor about immunotheraphy ? Presently She is treated in Indonesia and Singapore Hospital. Is the immunotheraphy worldwidely implemented ? or it is limited by your team investigational only Doc ? Thank you very much Doc. Rega (More)
    • I'm sorry, but I provide general information to help people make decisions with their doctors. I can't provide specific commentary on everyone's individual case, nor can I answer multiple broad questions that don't have clear answers because they're abstract questions. There is no best therapy here, (More)
    • How about Immunotheraphy Doc, I saw your discussion with your colleagues in this site about it, Is it better treatment for lung cancer ? What is the methode of immunotheraphy ? is it injection ? Is that any succeed story about lung cancer ? meaning there is survivor from this disease. based on your (More)
    • The numbers are averages with major variability within the patient populations. There is absolutely no reason to expect that 24 months will be the limit of what to expect. Rash is a general predictor of response and benefit, but it is neither necessary nor sufficient to see benefit. The timin (More)
    • Docs, My wife 37 years old, was diagnosed Adenocarsinoma - Lung Cancer Stage IV with EGFR Exon 19 Deletion. The EGFR study was taken at Aug 23,2013. She had very bad disease at the time, bad Pleural Effussion, anterior mediastinum lymph node, hypodensities of the liver, omental cake, abdominal lymph (More)
    • These documents that list every conceivable side effect are not meant to be informative as much as legally absolve people from damages if something bad happens. More importantly, there is little value in listing the potential side effects of drugs that nobody is talking about you getting, such as bl (More)
    • Speaking as a person with stage 4 lung cancer, for myself I wish I had the chance to surgically remove the cancer, and if I had been able to have it surgically removed, I'd definitely have wanted to follow it with at least some chemo. Why? I believe I'd survive the chemo and fully recover from it (More)
    • I think it'd make a big decision whether I get chemo or not...if low risk...why do it? If high risk, why not? Wish I knew what mine was...just had surgery 4 wks ago. STAGE IB NSCLC Cisplatin plus Vinorelbine Chemotherapy The risks are listed in order from most common to least common. There are (More)
    • I can't say whether I would absolutely never give ongoing EGFR TKI therapy concurrent chemotherapy, but I don't think I could infer that results would be significantly different with one type of chemo vs. another in the absence of evidence to speak to it. Nobody would anticipate in advance that resu (More)
    • Is this study going to modify completely your practice, so never to give chemo + Tarceva, or you would judge according to the chemo? For instance, while it looks clear about Tarceva + cis & alimta, what about Tarceva + some weaker chemo, like gemzar/alimta alone? I also saw that, at the same (More)
    • Thank you Dr. West. I know this is the right path to follow: Just watch and wait but sometimes I just have a hard time with that and keep thinking that there just has to be something they can do. I do appreciate your response. (More)
    • Drs. Morgensztern and West, I am very pleased to see prominent oncologist to express hope and optimism about the hope and future about lung cancer treatment. The methods of effective treatment with lung cancer treatment have been looking at the types of lung cancer and targets of treatment, and what (More)
    • My dad is in this research group. Sounds promising. Hope it is successful. (More)
    • I am not permitted to give medical advice to people who aren't my patient. I see this often; this is clearly a multifocal process, and the pattern is that whatever you do to those new lesions, there will be more. The process is very slow progression, and I think that any lung you remove or destro (More)
    • Dr. West - can you please reply? (More)

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