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    • Dr West Unfortunately, it's really not feasible for me to assess what's happening with so many variables and not being directly involved. I think one of the most important things would be to prune back some of the medications to rule out that one or more aren't the cause, and this is something that seems es (More)
    • Hi Dr West, Thanks for publishing your article. This is really insightful and I am actually thinking bout the same thing. I am not too sure if those treatments are doing more harm than good to my boyfriend, who was diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma in August last year. This is because he has (More)
    • Dr West I'm so glad. I know that for many people out there, you have no experience with this, and having someone be able to offer some expectations, that could really help. Good luck. I hope your father is comfortable. I'm glad he has a loving family there. -Dr. West (More)
    • Thank you, this is extremely helpful. My father is home with hospice, dying of stage IV pancreatic cancer. I have not been through this before and didn't know what to expect. This has helped make it less frightening. Hospice is an absolute blessing. (More)
    • Dr West No, this is likely directly related to the fluids he received, so it shouldn't be an ongoing issue unless he gets too large a volume of fluids in a short time. However, I should say that of course I have none of the details of his situation and that a far more appropriate source of information would (More)
    • Thank You Dr.West for Your quick and professional answer! We got the results, and as you are saying, the echo cardiogram shows diminished squeezing capacity of the heart. For now, until he doesn't get stabilized, the doctors here in my country, are not recommending continuing the chemo. I'm just (More)
    • Taking LDN has helped me get off all conventional medications for dermatomyositis. I am in remission with LDN only. Not cancer, but an autoimmune disorder, but a serious condition nonetheless. (More)
    • Dr West I suspect this is related to the large amount of fluid given with cisplatin. If it is from that, which the doctors should have some idea of (it should look like congestive heart failure on x-rays, and an echocardiogram may show diminished squeezing capacity of the heart), then switching to a differ (More)
    • Hello Dr.West, As I had mention before, my dad is a complicated pation with CLL,needs CABG and was diagnosed with BAC. His oncologist suggested to start with chemotherapy (cisplatine+gemocitabine).So, after the first chemo and just after few hours, he got a attack of suffocation (i don't know if i (More)
    • I completely understand. Thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks! (More)
    • Dr West I'm afraid that I'm not equipped to offer any further insights. This question is really one best handled by a neurologist, and particularly someone with access to his MRI and all of the details of his case. Moreover, while GRACE is really a great forum for providing general information about lung (More)
    • Dear Dr. West, I just joined cancer grace and I'm encouraged by all the insight. I was wondering if you could give me some insight. My father-in-law was diagnosed three months ago with stage IV nonsmall celll lung cancer with an EGFR mutation. When he was diagnosed, the cancer had started in his (More)
    • Dear Dr.West, I'm very thankful for your quick detailed professional answers. Before writing you, me and my family were feeling completely helpless and desperate. As you advised, my dad made an appointment for the next CT which will be in 4mounths... I hope won't be any problem to write you a (More)
    • Dr West No more likely than when the heart pumps blood through the body. The machine is just mimicking what the heart does. Blood needs to pump through the body one way or another. (More)
    • Dr.West, Than you very much for Your quick answer! Can I just ask one more question...If my dad firstly goes under CABG surgery, is it possible the cancerous cells from the lung to be spread through the other parts of the body? As I read on the Internet, after CABG, the patient is on a "machine (More)
    • Thank you so much for your reply, Dr. West. Hopefully my post will serve as a friendly reality check that sometimes google isn't your best friend when looking at symptoms. To everyone on this site living through any medical challenges, my thoughts are with you and I truly hope for the best for you. (More)
    • Dr West BAC is likely to be an indolent process that is a lower priority than any active cardiac issues. Focal radiation is emerging as a very strong option for many patients with an isolated, clinically node-negative (no enlarged or hypermetabolic lymph nodes on imaging). It may well be comparable to s (More)
    • Hello Dr.West I would really appreciate if could advise me about the complicated health situation that my dad is going through. and give me your opinion. In 2009 my Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (HLL) which is in remission now for the last 7 years. Because the disease is not (More)
    • Dr West Let me state up front that I think your probability of having a Pancoast tumor is only very slightly higher than your chance of being killed by a falling meteor today. I can't say it's impossible, but it sounds vanishingly, unfathomably unlikely based on what you're conveying. If you search thr (More)
    • Hey there Dr. West -- I know it must be incredibly frustrating as I'm sure you and your team are inundated with people self-diagnosing. Please forgive me for adding to that pool, but I have some questions regarding the symptoms of a pancoast tumor: How severe is the associated shoulder pain ty (More)

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