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    • Just found this website and am trying to locate information regarding scarring by the cybernife procedure in my left lung three years ago. Apparently the scar is growing and a "scar carcinoma" (PET SCAN next Monday) is suspected. Is this common and is it possible to treat the growing scar with (More)
    • Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. (More)
    • Good evening, here's a great article by Bonnie J. Addario, to kick-off LCAM. You Only Think You're Aware! Lung Cancer Awareness Month Impacts Everyone I finished my marathon this past weekend! (More)
    • Hi My wife has NSCLC stage 4 L858R and treated by Tarceva for 6 months. She is due to have a CT scan. My question is - A. Is it better for her to have PET-CT? will the PET give us better picture of her medical state? B. It was mentioned that tarceva is less effective in L858R than in Exon 19 m (More)
    • Wow, I only recently found this site and there is so much recent information relevant to my Dad who presented stage 3B NSCLC this Summer. I was just on the phone with him where he expressed his frustration in his oncologist who never in so many weeks answered his question on what the preferred treat (More)
    • I don't, but they usually don't drag their feet on positive trial results. (More)
    • Thanks for the very speedy and informative reply! Do you know whether drug companies are given a deadline for publishing full results following an announcement like this? dorie (More)
    • I do. As you indicated, I'd like to actually see the data, because I've heard rumors of 10 mg/kg looking somewhat better than 2 mg/kg and wouldn't want to use a suboptimal dose for lung cancer just because it's more convenient for Merck to price it that way. However, I think almost the only finding (More)
    • Hi Dr. West, I hope it's okay that I step in here. My oncologist has just sent my biopsy off for PD-L1 testing, so I'm following developments very closely. Just yesterday (10/26) Merck announced that their trial of 2 mg. vs. 10 mg. doses of Keytruda for non-small cell showed "similar efficacy, (More)
    • The algorithm explains things as best I can. If the cancer is progressing at a clinically significant rate and in multiple locations, then I do feel that systemic therapy is appropriate. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to find a more tolerable treatment than Alimta (pemetrexed) as a single a (More)
    • Dr West, I was diagnosed with NSCLC adeno carcinoma in the month of Jan. 2015. I underwent one chemo therapy before surgery in feb 2015. I had left lung lower lobectomy done in the month of Mar 2015 . Was given adjuvant chemotherapy of six cycles post surgery which concluded on 31 July 2015. I assum (More)
    • I had always wondered to what degree oncologists rely on cost of prescription drugs when prescribing drugs. I understand the cause for concern when patients are given a total different regimen than in clinical trial; it would seem hard to rely on the predictability of outcome. But pharmaceutical (More)
    • Thank you for the clarification. (More)
    • Look at the link you provided. Nearly all of the patients received 10 mg/kg, either every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks, and that difference is really what was the subject of the comment that there was no clear difference in dose. Very few patients received a 2 mg/kg dose, which is exactly why I'd have s (More)
    • Dear Dr. West, You mentioned this: "A final point to make: It was only just called to my attention that the FDA-approved dose for Keytruda is 2 mg/kg IV every 3 weeks, which is established for melanoma but was NOT the dose in which the 45% response rate was demonstrated in patients with NSCLC (More)
    • I'm afraid that while I'd like to be able to help, his case is clearly too complicated for me to offer any assessment online. I could only make up an answer. His oncologist is really the person in a position to provide a more meaningful and reliable assessment of the possible cause and anticipated (More)
    • Hi Dr West it's me again. My husband was finally given a clear signal. As of the last CT SCAN 9/15 everything is clear no evidence of cancer and even his pneumonitis is getting better so the dr said no more chemo just monitoring you for now and he lowered his prednisone dosage to 1 a day with alter (More)
    • Prof west,thanks for ur excellent explanation. There is similarity between Checkmate 057 and Ipass, in terms of PFS cross-curves. PD-L1 shows no powerful predictor about PD-1 inhibitor the same as EGFR driven mutation to TKI. Maybe PD-L1 status have similar behavior like ras in mCRC in treatment (More)
    • This layperson had to read this several times for understanding. Now that I have real choices it makes sense that I maximize my access to all these options. My doctor requested PD-L1 testing on my biopsy when Keytruda was approved. Now with Opdivo approved without the restriction, I think it's a sma (More)
    • Thank you for taking the time to respond. It's greatly appreciated. (More)

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