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    • Dear Dr.West, I'm very thankful for your quick detailed professional answers. Before writing you, me and my family were feeling completely helpless and desperate. As you advised, my dad made an appointment for the next CT which will be in 4mounths... I hope won't be any problem to write you a (More)
    • No more likely than when the heart pumps blood through the body. The machine is just mimicking what the heart does. Blood needs to pump through the body one way or another. (More)
    • Dr.West, Than you very much for Your quick answer! Can I just ask one more question...If my dad firstly goes under CABG surgery, is it possible the cancerous cells from the lung to be spread through the other parts of the body? As I read on the Internet, after CABG, the patient is on a "machine (More)
    • Thank you so much for your reply, Dr. West. Hopefully my post will serve as a friendly reality check that sometimes google isn't your best friend when looking at symptoms. To everyone on this site living through any medical challenges, my thoughts are with you and I truly hope for the best for you. (More)
    • BAC is likely to be an indolent process that is a lower priority than any active cardiac issues. Focal radiation is emerging as a very strong option for many patients with an isolated, clinically node-negative (no enlarged or hypermetabolic lymph nodes on imaging). It may well be comparable to s (More)
    • Hello Dr.West I would really appreciate if could advise me about the complicated health situation that my dad is going through. and give me your opinion. In 2009 my Dad was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (HLL) which is in remission now for the last 7 years. Because the disease is not (More)
    • Let me state up front that I think your probability of having a Pancoast tumor is only very slightly higher than your chance of being killed by a falling meteor today. I can't say it's impossible, but it sounds vanishingly, unfathomably unlikely based on what you're conveying. If you search thr (More)
    • Hey there Dr. West -- I know it must be incredibly frustrating as I'm sure you and your team are inundated with people self-diagnosing. Please forgive me for adding to that pool, but I have some questions regarding the symptoms of a pancoast tumor: How severe is the associated shoulder pain ty (More)
    • I would love to do that and am actually leading a working group on telemedicine consultations at my institution, trying to get this service going. I hope to offer it in the next few months but unfortunately can't do that at this time. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Thanks for your valuable comment sir. I would like to get a consultation from you regarding my case as i hail from India. Is there any possibility for tele or remote consultation. Thanks (More)
    • I'm sorry, but we aren't able to answer questions about what another doctor should do when we don't have all of the details of your case. It is possible but unlikely that progression occurred during a 3 week break from chemo. (More)
    • Dr is not changing my chemo treatment. Should he? Thinks it could be radiation damage since I just finished radiation. Other area has shrunk. Has not been identified as cancer because it only showed up on CT. Now I am worried...could this have grown while on chemo or on my 3 week break? Can cancer (More)
    • That sounds like it may be clinically significant and is more than I would expect to see based on variability of interpretation. It likely merits discussion with your doctor and some further workup/follow-up. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Dr. West, I just got my CT back. Is small area of soft tissue Nodularity measuring 0.8 x 1.4cm previously 0.6x0.6cm a big difference. Read by 2 different radiologists. Was not mentioned on my previous CT. Sounds so similar to this study. (More)
    • Fascinating article, thanky you for posting. I don’t think that Dr West or Dr Gadgeel answered the question that Simon put so well regarding if his downhill slide starting two years prior to diagnosis could in fact have been SCLC in limited stage. This does come up on many occasions and a numbe (More)
    • I would say that there is no option that is common in this situation, because this situation happens from time to time but not often enough to be well studied. I do feel that it is very reasonable to favor an additional couple of cycles of chemo, whether the same as one previously used or a new one, (More)
    • Dr West, I was found to have what I believe they said local 'recurrence of adenocarcinoma non small cell stage chest lymph nodes. Surgery wedge done 6/2015 clean up chemo ended September 2015.scan 2/2026 second inebriated lymph nodes, biopsied receiving radiation and low dose c (More)
    • Thank you for your reply Dr west, I think that has Pretty much summed it up. Thank you. (More)
    • You should ask questions here; However, I will start by saying that we get an unfathomable number of questions from people who are worried that they have Pancoast tumor because they have shoulder pain but have no imaging and no diagnosi (More)
    • Hi I would like to introduce myself, my name Is Ben and I am a 43 year old male from the UK. I have just found this site and really would like to Ask a few questions of my own concerning a pancost Tumour. Firstly am I on the right part of this site and secondly Would any body medically minde (More)

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