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    • I don't know that there's any difference between being on CO-1686 or Tarceva during whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT). Neither is well studied with WBRT, though we have enough evidence of Tarceva with WBRT that we believe it's probably OK. I suspect that CO-1686 is likely the same, but we don't (More)
    • I am stage IV NSCLS. Had Tarceva resistance. (difficult breathing due to fluid accumulate around my heart and lung, swollen legs and feet...) Now I am on CO1686 for 2 months (withT790M +). The drug works well for my lung. But my brain MRI show many small cancer spots. Now my radiologist suggest m (More)
    • Thank you for your prompt reply, I really appreciate it. You must be a very busy person and any replies coming from you are really a blessing. Anyway, like his Onc said your Cancer is individual to you, each Cancer is and every person and body react differently. To add another incredible story, I wa (More)
    • I think almost anything is possible in cancer and cancer treatment. Good luck. (More)
    • Hi Dr West, it's me again. Just for a follow up, my husband had 3 rounds of Alimta and they did another CT SCAN with contrast. What ever he had left has diminished like 50 % or more according to his Onc. there is very little left like residual, keep in mind that his tumor was never a mass but rather (More)
    • It's true that BAC is a subtype of adenocarcinoma, but there are MILLIONS of patients with adenocarcinomas, and less than 0.001% of them will have a metastasis to the knee. Moreover, BAC rarely spreads outside of the lungs and has never, ever been reported to spread to the knee. I can essentially gu (More)
    • Dear Dr West, Thank you for quick reply. Please, see mentioned manuscript, Synovial metastasis from lung cancer at, they wrote "Adenocarcinoma has been the most common type of synovial metastasis encountered." If there are different sub types o (More)
    • Marija, I'm very sorry about your grandfather's recent death, and it makes sense to seek answers. That said, your grandfather had BAC, which shouldn't leave the lungs and has never, in the history of medicine, metastasized to the knee. It is not the same as a primary large cell carcinoma, and rea (More)
    • Dear Dr. West, My grandfather passed away two weeks ago.He could not recover from postoperative delirium of BAC mucinosum. He also had knee pain with swelling few months before surgery but doctors gave diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis based just on X-ray, without further analysis. I have found (More)

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