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    • I do agree that if one interprets "fighting cancer" strictly to the biological system of the body, then attitude doesn't make much difference. If one expands that interpretation broader, then attitude does matter. It is the attitude that leads to doing things within one's control that hopefully w (More)
    • Thanks, and I do agree with that. -Jack (More)
    • Thank you Denise. That's too bad. We live in London, UK. Last year I managed to watch a couple of sessions live rather than having to wait weeks for the videos to be uploaded. Live watching could also enable more interaction from remote sites. Thank you anyway. S (More)
    • My point was missed here I think. It's not about controlling our cancer, we have no control over that. How we handle life with cancer is the attitude I'm thinking about. Even when it comes to making decisions about continuing treatment or not, our attitude can make the difference. As with cancer, we (More)
    • I completely understand and don't want to minimize any patient efforts. At the same time, I think it's potentially harmful to suggest, explicitly or not, that someone whose cancer is progressing just has the wrong attitude. Perhaps we can agree that it's great to have patients take some credit if (More)
    • I totally understand that attitude will not affect the outcome of how your treatment works, but it is one the things you do have control over, your mind. I've always tried to be positive and that's not to say it helps my cancer, but it helps my cancer journey. I think this is where people misunderst (More)
    • Hi Stefabi - The forum will not be live broadcast, however - like always, we will be filming it and will post videos of the event as soon as they are ready. Watch the GRACE site for the forum videos, and sign up for our newsletter to get up to date notifications! thanks ! Denise Brock (More)
    • Is it possible to register and watch the forum live? We live in the UK. Thanks (More)
    • I would propose that anyone who is interested in the meetup gather around 7pm at the entrance to the Marriott hotel restaurant, and also if possible RSVP to the message boards so we have an idea of how many people to expect. From there we can decide whether to dine at the hotel, or to take our part (More)
    • Post in the forum, but also email me some specifics (time, etc). We're going to email the attendees tomorrow and I'm happy to include this in that message. cbauman at cancergrace dot org. (More)
    • For anybody who will be in town Friday October 2, the night before the event, I was wondering if there is any interest in a meetup, perhaps over dinner, to swap stories, info, and to just get acquainted? In addition to the hotel restaurant at the Marriott, it looks like there is an Elephant Bar nex (More)
    • Indeed I can! A very good guy. :-) (More)
    • Is anyone interested in sharing a room, I arrive Thursday and leave Sunday for the Forum. Carlea can vouch for me, I am a good guy. (More)

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