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    • Thank you, Dr. West, for your response. (More)
    • It is very reasonable to stop chemo after a couple of cycles if someone is having trouble tolerating it. The benefit is "top-heavy", in that there is more value in the first couple of cycles, and you reach a point of diminishing returns by 3-4 cycles. Moreover, patients with stage IB lung cancer ha (More)
    • Just checked current NCCN says every 6 - 12 months! So I will ask my oncologist....that sounds better than every 3 months! :) (Saw this site referred to on another link: What follow up should patients have after surgery for early lung cancer? | GRACE :: Lung Cancer, so checked (More)
    • I went through two treatments of cisplatin/alimta and then oncologist recommended me stopping due to ringing in my ears. First CT done, said all clear. Now wondering how many CT's would you recommend Dr. West, if surgery supposedly eliminated the cancer, and first CT (done 5 months after surgery, a (More)
    • Yes, the basic idea is that the risk of recurrence is very "front-loaded", declining pretty rapidly after the first 1-2 years. Good luck. -Dr.West (More)
    • I wish I had paid more attention during statistics but the way I am reading it you odds are in your favour after the first year .. (More)
    • This is such an encouraging post. I am 3 years and two months out from surgery for stage 3A squamous. No evidence since then. I had chemo and radiation too. It is wonderful to hear how the odds a finally in my favor. Thanks for the posts. (More)
    • While alternating between 75 and 150 mg every other day is reasonable, just going to 100 mg daily is far more common and better studied (overwhelmingly so) and I suspect would produce as good or better tolerability. I would have to say that there is no anticipated benefit SBRT to the lung tumor i (More)
    • My tumor is stage 4 (bone mets scapula pelvis left rib 7 all small!! Around 2 cm primary RLL 2.8 cm and paratracheal nds (2). Six months of tarceva 150 and zometa qmonthly. Tumor smaller and Ln normal size. Bone mets osteblastic on CT. Bone mets not painful now but still tender. My question relates (More)
    • Thankyou dr West (More)
    • This is time since surgery. (More)
    • Just a quick question, when does the clock start ticking ? I had surgery in feb but it will be around August when I finish treatment ( adjuvant chemo and radiation to mediastinum) so by the end of it I will be 6 months post surgery .. (More)
    • Dear Dr West, Thanks for the very insightful article. My mother has been diagnosed with NSCLC - metastatic, stage 4. adenocarcinoma. She is in India. Asian origin. Never smoker. Vegeterian diet. She is done with her 10 cycles of radio therapy her response has been good so far. swelling on face an (More)
    • Dr. West, I am coming up on being 5 Year Survivor of Stage 2 NSCLC. I usually try to stay away from looking at statistics, but I was glad to find this and read your response to the comments and questions regarding reoccurence. I had a Pneumonectomy followed by adjuv. chemo and have been cancer (More)
    • A pulmonologist (lung specialist) could help address the underlying cause and then management of the effusion. Good luck. -Dr. West (More)
    • Dr. West, I went in for kidney stone issues and came out with pleural effusion. The ER doctor didn't seemed to be worried nor did my pcp. I am in the end process trying to donate my kidney to someone in need but I'm being held up because 2 years later the new xrays ordered came back with pleural (More)
    • Thank you very much, Dr. West. I've studied a lot from you. (More)
    • Good questions. I think the best answer is that we don't know. As helpful as the IMPRESS trial was, I think it is more informative in telling us that we are mistaken to presume that most patients should have treatment continued with concurrent addition of chemotherapy. However, there are some patie (More)
    • Thank Dr. West for a very clear explain about LUX-Lung 5. I would like to show you two ways of conclusion of IMPRESS trial, which one is better ? 1. We should switch to chemo without continuing EGFR TKI 2. We shoudn't combine chemo/EGFR TKI I think that after the result of ASPIRATION trial, if y (More)

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