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    • Drs. Morgensztern and West, I am very pleased to see prominent oncologist to express hope and optimism about the hope and future about lung cancer treatment. The methods of effective treatment with lung cancer treatment have been looking at the types of lung cancer and targets of treatment, and what (More)
    • My dad is in this research group. Sounds promising. Hope it is successful. (More)
    • I am not permitted to give medical advice to people who aren't my patient. I see this often; this is clearly a multifocal process, and the pattern is that whatever you do to those new lesions, there will be more. The process is very slow progression, and I think that any lung you remove or destro (More)
    • Dr. West - can you please reply? (More)
    • Hi Margaret - We will have videos available post event, and are also working on a webcast. Either of those would be probably your best bet for information afterward. Keep your eye on the website for further info. We also will soon be posting info about the next event, so again, look for info (More)
    • Hi Denise, I am new to site (diagnosed ALK+ in July - patient at Dana Farber) and was sent the link to the event - would love to go but it falls on my birthday and my sisters will be visiting. If you attend, would you mind sharing your thoughts afterwards? Sorry to miss. Thanks much, Margaret (More)
    • I had a left pneumonectomy October 2009 and a year ago last March they discovered GGO and 3 nodules in my right lung. Without a biopsy, my oncologist said it is AIS/MIA. One lesion is 24 mm and another 16 mm. They have not grown at all in a year. Needless to say, it's difficult not doing anything wh (More)
    • I'm very sorry about your husband's diagnosis. It is very reasonable to seek a second opinion on the surgery, because hepatitis C isn't necessarily a contraindication to surgery, even if it may increase risk. It might be particularly valuable to seek an opinion from a surgeon at a real center of exc (More)
    • My husband was diagnosed with MPM epithelial type in April, 2014. He was scheduled for surgery on Sept 8th after two rounds of chemotherapy. The surgeon called this week to cancel the surgery due to my husband's Hep C. He is asymptomatic presently and was very upset by this new development. The (More)
    • (More)

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