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April 6, 2017 at 11:03 am  #1290523    


Hello everyone,
My mom had a pet scan on March 25th for her extensive small cell lung cancer. My parents still seem confused to exactly what’s changed with the lung cancer. See’s her doctor next week for the needle biopsy results, and to see if she should change the drug she’s on. Can someone help interpret this report for me?
CHEST: Physiologic FDG avidity is seen in mediastinal blood pool, myocardium.
LUNGS: Note: companion CT not optimized for diagnostic evaluation of lungs Small new right pleural effusion.
Multiple new hypermetabolic pleuropulmonary nodules and masses (inseparable from pleura – possibly pleural and/or pulmonary, overall). Consistent with metastases. For example, right basilar mass, image 100, 3.4 x 2.6 cm, SUV Max 31.5.
Decreased extent and FDG
avidity of right upper lobe consolidation with air bronchogram. Increased size and unchanged FDG avidity of focal pleural-based nodule within this area of consolidation, image 99-101, SUV 7.3, prior 7.0. New focal uptake responding to a pleural-based nodular opacity probably inflammatory. Persistent right lung hypoplasia with hyperinflated left lung and mediastinal shift to the right, bronchiectasis, apical scarring and subpleural interstitial changes.
PLEURA/PERICARDIUM: See above in the section LUNGS.
Hypermetabolic mediastinal and right pulmonary hilar/perihilar adenopathy, consistent with metastases; new/increased, for example:
* Hypermetabolic subcarinal nodal mass
* New and increased hypermetabolic inferior paraesophageal adenopathy, image 108
Hypermetabolic right internal mammary adenopathy, new; consistent with metastases. For example, small lymph node, image 102, SUV Max 25.1
1. SinceDecember 22, 2016, hypermetabolic right pleuropulmonary metastases, new/increased. Small new right pleural effusion.
2. Hypermetabolic right internal mammary nodal metastases, new.
3.Hypermetabolic medinstinal/ pulmonary nodal metastases, new/increased.
Thank you so much!

April 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm  #1290524    
JimC Forum Moderator
JimC Forum Moderator

Hi mcb0925,

Detailed analysis and interpretation of scan reports is beyond the scope of what we can address here on GRACE, the best information will come from your mom’s oncologist, who has the most information about your mom’s medical history, including previous scans. The radiologist who wrote the report provides impressions of what he/she sees on the scan, in this case the possibility of new metastases, but your mom’s oncologist will be able to put these findings into perspective and make a recommendation about whether to switch to a different treatment regimen.

As I found out during my wife’s battle with cancer, there are times that a radiologist’s impressions can sound much more significant than they prove to be. They see only the scan images, and aside from knowing the diagnosis, that’s all the information they have.

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