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February 18, 2012 at 2:09 am  #1241863    

certain spring

I am posting on behalf of Englishgirl (Victoria), who has had problems accessing the new site. Her mother died on Monday evening, peacefully and with her family present. The funeral was yesterday.
It was Victoria’s mother’s wish that instead of funeral flowers, people should give donations to be split between Macmillan (the UK’s specialist cancer nursing service) and GRACE. Victoria is asking if someone from GRACE could contact her directly so that she can arrange this. I can pass on her email address if this has got lost in the move. Best to all.

49-year-old non-smoker, dx stage IV NSCLC May 2010 (squamous tumour of the left lung with multiple brain metastases). Radiotherapy to chest and brain; progressed through two cycles carbo/gemcitabine. Repeated lung collapses; pneumonia in collapsed lung, Nov 2010; bronchial stent placed, Dec 2010. Declined second-line Taxotere. Mutation testing Feb 2011, surprise EGFR exon deletion 19. Started Tarceva (150mg), Feb 2011. Progression in liver and elsewhere, May 2013.

February 18, 2012 at 5:13 am  #1241865    


Certain Spring, if you have a chance, please offer my condolences to Victoria and her family.

Thank you,


Sister (46 yo), non-smoker, diagnosed stage 4 NSCLC 12/2009 12/09-03/10: 5 cycles cisplatin+navelbine (stopped because of neuropathy) 04/10-06/11:Tarceva (EGFR, exon 21 mutation) 02/11: 15Xrad. to right lung (bronchi blocked) 04/11: MRI shows 10 brain mets. 05/11: 5 sessions of WBRT (20 Gy) 06/11-12/11: maintenance Alimta 11/11 and 01/12: radiosurgery (15 Gy to 2+3 brain mets) 12/11-03/12: re-Tarceva. 04/12: Afatinib (convulsions) 08/12: adding Cetuximab to Afatinib. Left us October 31, 2012.

February 18, 2012 at 6:30 am  #1241869    

laya d.

Yes. . .from me as well. This is terribly sad news. . .


1/10 – My Mom (58) dx w/ NSCLC-Adeno 3a; 1 cycle of neoadjuvent Carbo/Alimta before finding out EGFR+ (Ex. 19), then switched to 7 wks of neoadjuvent Tarceva/150 mg (major shrinkage); 4/10 – right pneumonectomy; 6/10 started 3 rounds of adjuvent Cis/Alimta w/ concurrent chest radiation (7 wks); 8/10 – NED; 11/10 – small nodule in left lung; 1/11 – 3 small nodules in left lung, start Tarceva/100 mg; 4/11 – suspected sclerotic met to hip, continue w/ Tarceva, add XGEVA, brain MRI clear; 9/11 – solitary 3 cm met (adeno w/ T790m mutation) to cerebellum, surgery and gamma knife, up Tarceva to 150 mg; 11/11 – 2 left lung nodules growing, biopsy on 1 shows mutation from adeno to squamous (shocker!), brain MRI clear, continue Tarceva & Xgeva; 2/12 – brain MRI clear, CT scan, remaining nodule slightly bigger – – monitor for now, Tarceva (reduced to 100 mg) & Xgeva continued; 4/12 progression and rebiopsy (confirmed adeno), stop Tarceva, switch to Carbo/Alimta; 6/12 maintenanceAlimta; 8/12 back to Tarceva; 10/12 Gemzar; 11/16 difficulty breathing; 12/12 hospice initiated…my Mom passed away peacefully on 12/19/12. Heartbroken.

February 18, 2012 at 7:43 am  #1241870    
Dr West
Dr West

I’m so sorry. We will reach out to her via e-mail soon.

certain spring, if you have the opportunity, along with my heartfelt condolences, please convey my sincere apology to englishgirl for the difficulty she experienced with getting access to the new site. She doesn’t need even a small additional stress added to her difficulties at this time.

-Dr. West

February 18, 2012 at 8:36 am  #1241873    

Dr Harman

I’m so sorry to hear the news. My sincere condolences to Victoria’s family.

-Dr. Harman

February 18, 2012 at 11:59 am  #1241874    


CS, Thanks for passing the news on for Victoria. Please convey my deepest sympathies, and best wishes for comfort and strength. I’m glad her Mum passed peacefully.


Non-smoker, Dx 6/06 Stage IV Adeno. EGFR+ (exon 19 del), T790m+. Trial: 2cyc Carbo/Doce/Avastin + 2 w/Gem 8 – 12/06; Avastin maint. 1 – 4/07. Alimta + Tarceva 5/07 – 2/09. NED to 8/09. Tarceva 150 9/09-5/11, SBRT/XRS to lung & spine met 2/11. Trial MK2206 (AKT inhibitor) + Tarceva 5 – 12/11. Afatinib+cetuximab trial 2/12 -2/13. LL collapsed. 1/13 PET – new bone & adrenal mets. 4 cyc Carbo-Gem-Tarceva 5/13. Brain MRI 10/13 – clear. Lost Dad to LC 5/13.Anti-PDL1@Angeles Clinic?

February 18, 2012 at 3:52 pm  #1241877    


Certain Spring
Please pass on my condolences to Vicki too.She had a hard time going through it al with her Mum.

Husband Philip dx 10/10 ltd SCLC.Cisplatin/epotiside with twice daily radiation 1/11 PCI 3/11.Pneumonitis .Progression 11/11 carbo/epotiside 1/12 Radiation 6/12.Very bad chest infection following rad which could not be controlled and SIADH.Died 8/12.Was very active and quite well for most of treatment up till the last week.

February 18, 2012 at 6:59 pm  #1241879    


I’m so sorry to hear of Vicki’s mother’s passing. My condolences to her and her family.
Take care, Judy

Stage IIIA adeno, dx 7/2010. SRS then chemo carbo/alimta 4x. NED as of 10/2011.
Local recurrence, surgery to remove LRL 8/29/13. 5.2cm involved pleura. Chemo carbo/alimta x3. NED

February 21, 2012 at 10:22 am  #1241982    


Victoria, I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear of your mother’s death. I wish you peace and comfort in the coming weeks.


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