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October 25, 2015 at 7:47 am  #1271598    


My wife has NSCLC in both lungs. Stage 4 pretty bad. Normally on Oxygen 3 liters when at rest and 4-5 when walking or active. This normally is the case. Friday she had her first treatment with Opdivo. The new
immune-o-therapy drug.

24 hrs latter her Oxygen is 99 % at rest with 2 – 3 litters but soon as she stands and walks a few feet it drops quickly into the 70’s and takes about 1 -2 minutes of rest to come back up to 99%. Stays there as long as she is at rest.

Needless to say going to the bathroom is a chore.

is the Opdivo doing something I should be aware of ? Is this the white cells attacking ? Should I give it a day or two before worrying ? If it is the white cells initial increase and attack how long until it starts to balance back out ?

Should I take her to the hospital or get her into the doctor first ? I know if I go to ER there will be a huge argument to try and make the ER Docs understand, She is on Opdivo so an infection must be treated with steroids not antibiotics. Because her white blood cell count is so high it must be brought down. Or she has a pnuemothorax and doesn’t need a chest tube put in. This nearly led to a fist fight the last trip to the er.

Do I have time to wait until Monday to get her in the doc as long as her Oxygen stays at 99 when she is resting ?

Just looking for suggestions or advice. Our oncologist just went out on maternity leave and the pulmonologist wont be available until Mon or Tuesday. Today is Sunday


October 25, 2015 at 1:12 pm  #1271599    


You should be able to call her oncologist office and speak to whoever is on call. I’d do this ASAP.
Take care, Judy
I am not a medical professional or moderator. I am a lung cancer survivor.

Stage IIIA adeno, dx 7/2010. SRS then chemo carbo/alimta 4x. NED as of 10/2011.
Local recurrence, surgery to remove LRL 8/29/13. 5.2cm involved pleura. Chemo carbo/alimta x3. NED

October 25, 2015 at 1:53 pm  #1271600    
catdander forum moderator
catdander forum moderator

Dave I’m so sorry to meet you on these terms. As Judy said we absolutely can’t answer questions of whether or not to worry about something or what you should do. I hope you’ve at least made a call to the on call onc. I’d ask for the on call onc to contact the er docs for input into your wife’s needs during any er visit.

I hope you wife is feeling much much better very soon. Please keep us posted.


October 28, 2015 at 5:32 pm  #1271622    



My sister is also stage IV very far along and looking at trying Opdivo as a last shot. Her doctor is concerned about a possible lung reaction, and does not think it’s a good idea for us at this point. I noticed your post. I hope your wife has improved. If you get a chance to update us on her status and how the Opdivo is working, it would be very helpful.



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