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That's wonderful news, mikem!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us :)


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I haven't been to this site for almost a year, as my husband was no longer receiving Avastin due to blood clots and his physical condition excludes him from being a candidate for other chemo. I just wanted to let you all know that he is still up and around, although he is on oxygen and it is an effort for him to walk from room to room. His pneumonologist ordered a CT last week, as she has prescribed maintenance antibiotic for his chronic Mycobacterium infection. Anyway, we were all pleasantly surprised that the CT showed that there has been no progression of his cancer since the last CT that was taken a year ago. So we're all happy with that bit of news.

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Thanks for the update, with the great news that the CT showed stability!! I hope the antibiotics will help and get him feeling better.

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mikem, Congratulations! on the wonderful news. You and D started this journey around the same time and I remember when your docs decided your met wasn't a met. I too think your cancer is no more.

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Follansbee, Thanks so much for updating us. How wonderful that the cancer is staying put. I hope the antibiotics help. Good luck to you both. :)

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Mikem: That's wonderful news, and very heartening. I'm really happy for you and while I wasn't active on this site for a long time, I've been reading backward and catching up and feel as if I have a lot of new friends. Wishing you many years ahead.
Follansbee: I'm glad your husband has gone a year without progression. That certainly is good news. Even if he's on oxygen, he's still getting around, which has to be a plus.
Best wishes to you both.

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Thanks so much for the follow-up, Follansbee. Obviously, no detectable progression over a year is a very welcome bit of news.

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