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Wed, 08/26/2015 - 10:51

I had posted a few years ago as my Mom had been diagnosed with Stage 1A Neuroendocrine LC. She had her right upper left lobe removed surgically with no follow-up treatment.

She has had regular X-Rays and CT Scans since her surgery December 2011 with no signs of recurrence.

Last December she had a pelvic floor prolapse. Prior to surgery to correct this she developed lower back pain which she thought was from the prolapse. Post-Op everything healed re prolapse but back pain continued to get worse.

Family doctor was worried this may be a LC recurrence and ordered a Bone Scan a few months ago and no mets were found but her back pain is so bad that she is on slow release and break through morphine. Pain is worse at night and she has a hard time lying in bed and the pain awakes her from sleep so she sleeping little. She has also lost a significant amount of weight (at least 20 lbs) which I have been told by her family doctor can be attributed to the pain and meds she is on. Because of her persistent pain she was sent to a rheumatologist who ordered an MRI.

She had the MRI about 6 weeks ago which confirmed she has osteoperosis and a small lesion and fracture on her spine was also confirmed. They believe the fracture is from her osteo and she is now seeing a rheumatologist who ordered another MRI Contrast which she had yesterday.

She told me the other day that she feels that something is very wrong and I cannot help but worry this is a recurrence of her LC.

My question is: If this is a recurrence would the past MRI, bone scan and blood tests not have confirmed this? I am praying her pain is Osteo related but cannot help but worry as I know this type of cancer, even if found in its early stages, can be aggressive and spread.

Thank you.

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Hi and welcome back to Grace. I hope you won't need us.

It's most likely your mom's tests would pick up cancer as a reason for her back problem. A bone scan in particular is used just for that reason. Following is from the Mayo Clinic's definition of "bone scan", "A bone scan is also an important tool for detecting cancer that has spread (metastasized) to the bone from the tumor's original location, such as the breast or prostate."…

Another reason not to worry much is lung cancer is usually quick to come back so would have in a couple of years. Even then some lung cancer (as odd as it may seem) can be so indolent/slow growing that it doesn't present as life threatening.

But again a bone scan is a standard way to tell if a bone problem is cancer.

I hope your mom is better soon,


Hi Janine. Thank you for your encouraging response it is much appreciated.

They have scheduled my Mom for surgery on her spine and will be doing a biopsy while in there just to double check. That is September 8th.

Wonderful news that your husband has NED. He sure has been through a lot - so encouraging to see since it all started way back in 2009.