David C. Foley

We miss your smile and laughter everyday. You fought this beast called lung cancer for 3 1/2 years with grace and dignity. Thank you to GRACE for keeping us informed and giving us hope.

Judy Hill

Judy fought the fight of a non smoker. She and Ken, her husband, made a life plan for each 3 months between scans. Together they led their lives with hope and grace. After 7 and a half noble years. Her friends and family were all deeply moved and influenced by their courage.

Kirsty Milne

In memory of Kirsty Milne, a much-loved wife, friend and sister. She was Certain Spring on GRACE and found here great support, vital information – and love. A scholar and former journalist, her courage and generosity shone through here as it did in all her life.

Esther Fortin

Esther was a loving and devoted mother, a wonderful sister and a friend to many. She was a joyful and courageous lady who will be sorely missed by everyone who had the chance to know her. Thank you GRACE for keeping her a little longer with us. –Myriam

Grace Yee

YOU were a precious gift from God above, so much beauty, grace and love. YOU touched our hearts in many ways, your smile so bright even on the bad days. YOU heard God's whisper calling you home, you didn't want to go and leave us alone. YOU loved us so much, you held on tight, 'til all your strength was gone and could no longer fight.

Judy Hill

Judy Hill, a supporter of the GRACE community as long as we can remember. Judy attended every event and was always a force in the fight against lung cancer. A sweet and caring person, a teacher, an avid reader and sports fan, Judy loved crossword puzzles and walking in her lovely neighborhood. She shared herself with us all. She passed away after 7 years living with cancer, leaving a husband, parents, brother, sister and many friends and admirers. She is greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved her.

Jay Stewart

Jay was a shining light for many during his 3-year battle with lung cancer. He directed his own course of action, diligently researching on cancer sites such as GRACE. No one loved life more; no one fought more courageously. In the end, he passed with quiet surrender and showed me how to die with dignity. He still fills my heart with music. Farewell, my husband and best friend. Always and forever, Nancy


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