Jay Stewart

Jay was a shining light for many during his 3-year battle with lung cancer. He directed his own course of action, diligently researching on cancer sites such as GRACE. No one loved life more; no one fought more courageously. In the end, he passed with quiet surrender and showed me how to die with dignity. He still fills my heart with music. Farewell, my husband and best friend. Always and forever, Nancy

Diane Evette Uehara

Beautiful Shining Soul Delighted & Delightful Youthful, Spirited, Adventurous Sparkling Brown Eyes Artist, Potter, Baker Faithful, Loving Companion Quiet and Sweet Gentle and Strong Full of Life & Laughter I Love You Forever, Ronnie Forever Missed Memorial

Myrtle Chidester

Myrtle was a generous and active participant in the GRACE community, and we miss her terribly. Her nonprofit organization, the Lung Cancer Connection lives on, continuing to provide valuable information to patients and families about the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

Ruth Elkes

The Elkes Foundation is pleased to help fund the GRACE pancreatic cancer area in honor of Ruth Elkes. She spent her life volunteering and helping others, including participating in clinical trials through her battle with pancreatic cancer. We would also like to remember the devotion and support given to her by her husband, Terrence Elkes, and hope that this site can serve as a resource for patients and their caregivers alike.

Thank You

I am new to Grace and wish to express my profound gratitude to the extraordinary efforts of the faculty members and moderators who work tirelessly and compassionately to educate and support individuals and family members dealing with cancer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Heidi "Chaya" Goldstein-Christensen and family

Debra Chidester Clampitt

My sister in law, Debra, drove from Chicago to my home in St Louis for over two years to care for me when I was sick, clean my house, and cook for my family while I was undergoing treatment. I was diagnosed shortly after moving from California so I had no support. As soon as my husband told Debbie of my diagnosis, she was here. I truly do not think that many people would put their entire life on hold to take care of someone they did not really know. We will never be able to repay her or say thank you enough. She is the sister I never had and my best friend. Thanks Deb, Myrtle

For Dr. Macapinlac

This tribute honors my Mom's oncologist, Dr. Macapinlac. At a time when my family needed words of knowledge and comfort, Dr. Mac delivered. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, caring, and just a wonderful and good person. Dr. Mac was a blessing to us during our battle and we are sure he continues to be a blessing in the lives of his patients and their families. Although the battle for our loved one has ended, we could not have begun to fight without Dr. Mac in our corner. We thank him for all he did for us.


This is in honor of my husband Eric. He fought such a brave fight. He taught so many how to live, really live! and he never gave in to the disease, he went on his own terms when he was ready! No treatment was ever too much for him, he faced it all head-on and fought so hard up to the last day of his life. He did clinical trails, and kept right on living until it was the right time for him to let go... I will miss him every minute of every day until we meet again.


This tribute is to honor the life of my Mom, Phyllis, who transitioned from this world on Aug 30. She fought this disease with dignity, spiritual fortitude, humor and grace; traits she exhibited her entire life. My Mom was and will always be remarkable. I love you ma and I will miss you.

Creature Loves Melissa

<p>This is a tribute to Creature's first employee and honorary founder, Melissa Peterson.</p><p>My partner, Jim, and I (Matt, her husband) could never have gotten off the ground in 2002 without her (or look like the cool indie rock band that we do in this picture). She helped us set the culture of our company that carries on today. Have fun, be nice and make friends. Don't stress out! It's advertising, for Pete's sake.</p><p>Melissa, we all love you and miss you. Your spirit is undefeatable. You rock, and a big champagne Friday toast to you!


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