Jim Celebucki

Jim Celebucki, GRACE Community Outreach Team

A native of Chicago, Jim Celebucki holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a law degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana. He practiced law for 31 years, much of that time providing advice and representation to college students at the University of Illinois-Chicago. He first came to GRACE when his wife Liz was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in July, 2008. As many continue to do, he used the information provided by Dr. West and his colleagues to become knowledgeable about lung cancer and its treatment. Jim became a part of the GRACE Community Outreach Team in January, 2010 to assist Dr. West in the vital work of providing cutting-edge cancer education to patients and caregivers around the world. Liz lost her battle with lung cancer in November, 2011, but Jim has continued his work with GRACE, which helped provide him with a new life as described here.

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GRACE is celebrating 10 years! 

In recognition, we would like to introduce you to the staff and board members who are so deeply involved in bringing GRACE to life. In this video, we introduce Jim Celebucki, Forum Moderator.

Dr. H. Jack West and the GRACE community have been helping each other since before that time but in this 10th year as a non-profit, we are pleased and humbled by the feedback and graciousness of those we have the pleasure to work with, and those who have found help and support through our GRACE site.

Lisa and I have been long-time participants on GRACE – I discovered it in July, 2008 when my wife Liz was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, became a member and began posting in May, 2009 and added moderator duties in January, 2010. Lisa joined in November, 2010 when her husband Mark was also diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. During their illnesses, we received a great deal of expert information and emotional support from the GRACE faculty and community.

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