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    • What is Maintenance Therapy for Advanced NSCLC? [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      The concept of maintenance therapy for advanced lung cancer has emerged over the past few years. Dr. Jack West, medical oncologist, reviews the concepts behind it and treatment options for patients.
    • Optimal Systemic Therapy for Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (BAC) [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (BAC) is an unusual subtype of lung cancer; medical oncologist Dr. Jack West reviews the evidence on the best systemic therapy to treat advanced, multifocal BAC.
    • FAQ: How Much Does Attitude Matter When Fighting Cancer? [GRACE :: Cancer Basics]
      Most people feel a loss of control when faced with a new diagnosis of cancer. But beyond showing up and taking recommended interventions, how much does a positive attitude help?
    • Reirradiation of Tumor in a Previously Radiated Field [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Radiation oncologist Dr. Chris Loiselle reviews the possibility of re-treating with radiation for lung cancer, typically using stereotactic technique, in a previously irradiated field.
    • Explaining Leptomeningeal Metastases [GRACE :: Treatments & Symptom Management]
      Leptomeningeal metastases, also known as “LM”, carcinomatous meningitis, or neoplastic meningitis, are cancer metastases that have spread to the coating of the brain. Rather than growing as a ball, leptomeningeal metastases form a thin layer along the meninges...
    • Cancer Growth Rate and Managing Slow-Growing Lung Cancers [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Dr. Jack West, medical oncologist/lung cancer specialist, describes special management considerations for indolent lung cancers that may not require treatment or are at risk for “over-treatment.”
    • What is a Pancoast Tumor and How is it Best Treated? [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Dr. Eric Vallieres, thoracic surgeon, introduces us to and provides a brief history for the special case in lung cancer of a “Pancoast Tumor”, along with how its optimal treatment has evolved over several decades.
    • Basic Principles of Managing Locally Advanced NSCLC [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Dr. West reviews basic principles of treating locally advanced lung cancer, including the need to treat both local disease and possible distant disease, and the need to balance efficacy with toxicity.
    • Pre-Operative/Neoadjuvant Therapy: Rationale and Indications [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Eric Vallieres reviews the principle of giving chemotherapy prior to lung cancer surgery in order to improve survival and potentially make it possible to do a smaller lung surgery.
    • Surgery Options for Smaller, Slow-Growing Lung Cancers [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Dr. Eric Vallieres, thoracic surgeon, discusses the potential to do smaller lung surgeries on patients with a lung cancer that poses a minimal risk of recurrence.
    • Immunotherapy for Kidney Cancer Patients in the Front-line Setting: Coming Soon? [GRACE :: Kidney Cancer]
      Current clinical trials are examining the possibility of giving kidney cancer (also called renal cell carcinoma, or RCC) patients immunotherapy as their first option of care upon diagnosis.
    • Immunotherapy for Metastatic Kidney Cancer Shows Increased Survival [GRACE :: Kidney Cancer]
      The immune checkpoint inhibitor Opdivo (nivolumab) has been shown to increase survival for patients with metastatic clear cell kidney cancer (also called renal cell carcinoma, or RCC).

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