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    • How is the Heng Criteria Applied to Kidney Cancer Patients?
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 21, 2014  in  GRACE :: Kidney Cancer

      Dr. Daniel Heng is the namesake of the Heng Criteria, which evaluates various factors of kidney cancer patients to determine their prognoses. [powerpress]...  (Read More)

    • Angiogenesis, the Sequel: Does Cyramza (Ramucirumab) Make a Difference for Second Line Treatment?
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 18, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      The REVEL trial studied 1,200 non-small cell lung cancer patients to see if the drug Cyramza (ramucirumab) improved overall surival. The doctors had mixed feelings about the results. [powerpress] ...  (Read More)

    • What is PD1 and PDL1 in Kidney Cancer?
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 16, 2014  in  GRACE :: Kidney Cancer

      Dr. Lauren Harshman explains what PD1 (an immune T-cell) and PDL1 (a protein on the PD1 T-cell) are and how new drugs impact them to fight kidney cancer. [powerpress]...  (Read More)

    • Zykadia for ALK Positive Lung Cancer: New Drug, New Hope
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 14, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      The doctors discuss the new FDA-approved drug for ALK positive lung cancer patients, Zykadia (ceritinib), including the dosage level, potential side effects and the ability of Zykadia to impact brain metastases. [powerpress] ...  (Read More)

    • Upcoming Tweet Chat July 17th: Help us define the benefit of online resources for cancer patients
      by  Dr West  on  Jul 12, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      We have seen over the past decade that patient self-education and participation in their own care have been steadily increasing with availability of the Internet.¬† It has enabled patients and caregivers to look online for information as well as to connect with other people in the patient community who can provide both knowledge of available t...  (Read More)

    • No Clear Answer for Non-Clear Cell Kidney Cancer
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 11, 2014  in  GRACE :: Kidney Cancer

      Drugs in early stage clinical trials seem to show benefit for non-clear cell kidney cancer, but more trials must take place and patients are desperately needed to enroll in them. [powerpress]...  (Read More)

    • What Went Wrong? The Failure of MetMab with Tarceva in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 9, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      "Dead negative," is how Dr. Nasser Hanna describes results of a phase 3 study that examined how patients with high MET expression did on the drug MetMab (onartuzumab). [powerpress] ...  (Read More)

    • Treating Newly Diagnosed Kidney Cancer
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 7, 2014  in  GRACE :: Kidney Cancer

      Dr. Guru Sonpavde discusses what he does when he first begins treating a patient recently diagnosed with late stage kidney cancer. [powerpress]...  (Read More)

    • Why T790M status matters: The new value proposition for repeat biopsies in acquired resistance
      by  Dr West  on  Jul 4, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      One of the ongoing questions in managing EGFR mutation-positive advanced NSCLC has been whether it should be routine to do repeat biopsies to look for new findings after a patient has developed acquired resistance to an EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Here are a few posts in which the topic has been covered:  (Read More)

    • MET-Amplified Lung Cancer: A New Target for XALKORI?
      by  GRACE Video  on  Jul 4, 2014  in  GRACE :: Lung Cancer

      Lung cancer patients with high MET amplification appear to do well on Xalkori (crizotinib), a drug that is approved for ALK positive patients. [powerpress] ...  (Read More)

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