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    • What is the Role of Memantine for Neuroprotection During Whole Brain Irradiation? [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        What is the role for the neuroprotective agent memantine in patients receiving whole brain radiation therapy for brain metastases? Dr. Vivek Mehta reviews current practices to minimize risk of cognitive problems. [powerpress] Download Transcript Plea
    • FAQ: What is "Performance Status" and Why Does it Matter so Much? [GRACE :: Cancer Basics]
      Along with a patient's age, sex, and past and current medical issues, performance status (PS) is one of the most important factors that is categorized for patients. It essentially refers to a patient's ability to manage his or her activities of daily living -- thin
    • Palliative Radiation for Bone Metastases [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        Radiation therapy can be very helpful in treating painful bone metastases or those at risk for causing a fracture due to compromise of bone strength. Dr. Vivek Mehta reviews the basics of this approach. [powerpress] Download Transcript Please feel fr
    • The Many Faces of Stage III NSCLC: Why We Have Such Trouble Nailing Down an Optimal Treatment for Locally Advanced Disease [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      There are many open questions in managing lung cancer, but one of our historical areas that has been especially challenging has been locally advanced/stage III NSCLC, which we most commonly treat with at least two different forms of therapy, such as chemotherapy fo
    • Liquid Biopsies: Faster Results, Easier on Patients [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        Liquid biopsies (also called serum testing) is a practice already approved in Europe for EGFR lung cancer patients. Drawing blood to test for acquired resistance is easier and quicker than needle biopsies. How long until it is standard practice in the US?
    • BRAF: A New Target to Treat in Lung Cancer [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        A study released at ASCO 2015 showed that the BRAF V600E mutation had a high response rate to combination therapy Tafinlar (dabrafenib) plus Mekinist (trametinib), which led the doctors to agree that BRAF testing in lung cancer should become commonplace.
    • Whole Brain Radiation for Brain Metastases [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        Radiation Oncologist Dr. Vivek Mehta reviews the concept of using whole brain radiation for multiple brain metastases, including how it is delivered and risks and benefits of this strategy. [powerpress] Download Transcript Please feel free to offer c
    • Improved Survival in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma with Avastin Added to Chemotherapy [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        A French study presented at ASCO 2015 showed a survival benefit with Avastin (bevacizumab) added to standard chemo, unlike a prior US study. The doctors discuss the influence of this trial and future potential benefits from immunotherapy in mesothelioma.
    • Which Patients with Lung Cancer Should Receive Whole Brain Radiation Therapy? [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        Managing brain metastases is a big concern for lung cancer patients. The doctors discuss the drawbacks of whole brain radiotherapy and the fact that there are still unknowns regarding more targeted stereotactic radiosurgery. [powerpress] Download Transc
    • Does Marijuana Fight Cancer? Use Marijuana if You Want To, but Don't Presume it's an Effective Cancer Treatment [GRACE :: Cancer Basics]
      I live in the state of Washington, which now has legalized marijuana.  Even before then, it wasn't especially hard for motivated people to get.  Like many other physicians, a socially liberal lot overall, I have been fine with it and haven't considered it in the sa
    • Rattling the SABR: Provocative but Limited Data Supporting a Non-Surgical Approach to Early Stage NSCLC [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
      Surgery, specifically a lobectomy or possibly pneumonectomy, has been the longtime historical standard of care for fit patients with early-stage, operable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).  As focal radiation techniques have been refined, however, stereotactic bo
    • Can We Do Better with a New Chemotherapy for Squamous Cell NSCLC? [GRACE :: Lung Cancer]
        A Japanese study of squamous cell carcinoma showed value in nedaplatin vs cisplatin/Taxotere (docetaxel). But with differences in how Asian versus Caucasian patients metabolize chemotherapy, can we presume this benefit would exist for everyone? [powerpre

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