Corporate Giving Programs
Employee Matching Gifts

Oftentimes, companies will match employee charitable donations dollar-for-double. A $500 donation to GRACE can easily become a $1,000 donation!

Talk to your human resources manager about your employer’s matching gift program.

Automatic Payroll Deduction Programs

By giving through a recurring or one-time payroll deduction, your donation is automatically deducted from your paycheck, there are no extra fees and you do not need an acknowledgement from the charity in order to claim your tax deduction.

Talk to your human resources manager or payroll clerk about donating through payroll deductions.

Employee Fundraising Campaigns and Fundraising Matches

Start a fundraising campaign!  Some employers will match donations made from walks, runs, bike rides and other fundraising campaigns.  Grants are sometimes awarded according to participation, not performance. Fundraising matches are a fun way to encourage employee team building while raising money. 

Talk to your human resources manager about employee fundraising campaigns and matching grants.

Annual Giving Campaigns

Most companies encourage employee giving year-round, but some focus on making big donation pushes at certain times of the year. The most popular time of year to make donation pushes is typically during October and November, but different companies have different times that they focus on. 

Talk with your human resources manager about their annual giving campaigns!





**For his birthday, Onur asked his friends to raise money for GRACE. He collected $500. Onur works for Google, who matches employee donations for nonprofits on their “Eligible Foundations List.”  Onur helped GRACE get on that list by contacting his benefits manager and asking GRACE to provide some supporting documents. Thanks to Onur, his friends, and his employer Google, $1,000 is coming to GRACE to support our programs.**