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Evaluating Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer

Biomarkers can give clues to many predictive and prognostic issues, like how a patient may respond to a drug or if a patient’s cancer is likely to recur. Dr. Daniel Heng discusses what researchers are learning.

Will Combining Immunotherapies Better Fight Kidney Cancer?

Dr. Lauren Harshman discusses what combinations of drugs are being studied in kidney cancer patients.

Cabozantinib for Late Stage Kidney Cancer

Cometriq (cabozantinib) is already approved for thyroid cancer and is showing promise for late stage kidney cancer.

The Best Thing You Can Do As a Kidney Cancer Patient

Dr. Daniel Heng has advice to kidney cancer patients who want the best treatment for their disease. To find a clinical trial that is right for you, visit and enter “kidney cancer” in the search box.

Are There PD1 Biomarkers in Kidney Cancer?

Predictive biomarkers can indicate if a patient will respond to a particular therapy. Dr. Lauren Harshman discusses if researchers know of any biomarkers for kidney cancer patients taking PD1 inhibitor drugs.

Management of Rare Kidney Tumors

What puts you at risk for inherited kidney cancer? Dr. Nizar Tannir discusses the signs doctors look for to determine if a kidney cancer patient should be screened for a familial syndrome.

NanoString Treatment for Kidney Cancer

NanoString Technology may help doctors learn what is driving tumor growth in kidney cancer patients and, therefore, determine what treatments may be most effective for them.

How is the Heng Criteria Applied to Kidney Cancer Patients?

Dr. Daniel Heng is the namesake of the Heng Criteria, which evaluates various factors of kidney cancer patients to determine their prognoses.

What is PD1 and PDL1 in Kidney Cancer?

Dr. Lauren Harshman explains what PD1 (an immune T-cell) and PDL1 (a protein on the PD1 T-cell) are and how new drugs impact them to fight kidney cancer.

No Clear Answer for Non-Clear Cell Kidney Cancer

Drugs in early stage clinical trials seem to show benefit for non-clear cell kidney cancer, but more trials must take place and patients are desperately needed to enroll in them.

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