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The Expanding Role of Patient Self-Education & Online Communities in Molecularly Defined Subgroups

Acquired Resistance Forum Video #12: Online advocate and ROS1 patient “Craig In PA” Uthe detailed how patients can educate themselves about their disease to understand and improve their personal situations. He also included his favorite online resources.

Leveraging Patient Engagement & the Role of Advocacy

Acquired Resistance Forum Video #11: Bonnie J. Addario, founder of the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation described how the lung cancer community can work together to support each other and affect change for all patients.

Questions & Answers with Drs. Doebele and Shaw; Moderated by Craig Uthe

Acquired Resistance Forum Video #10: Online advocate and ROS1 patient “Craig In PA” Uthe leads a Q&A with speakers from videos #8 and #9 at the Acquired Resistance in Lung Cancer Patient Forum.

Current and Emerging Approaches to Acquired Resistance for ALK/ROS1

Acquired Resistance Forum Video #9: Dr. Alice Shaw of Massachusetts General Hospital detailed for patients the so-called “next generation” ALK/ROS1 inhibitors, both those commercially available and those still in development.

Mechanisms of ALK Resistance & Implications for Treatment

Acquired Resistance Forum Video #8: Dr. Robert Doebele of the University of Colorado Cancer Center spoke to ALK and ROS1 patients about how and why their cancers become resistant to treatment and what options are available.

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