how to proceed

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 05:18

I was recently diagnosed with cancer and my life was cut short in a second.What I've been planning all my life and how many things I haven't managed to do.( I +/- a year) tell me what can I do what would you do in evidenoe remaining time!?

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Hi Jade,


Welcome to Grace.  I’m so sorry about your diagnosis.  I can’t think of a more personal and philosophical question to ask.  The development of online support groups like Inspire bring people together who would otherwise be impossible to find.  You may find one of these groups to be more helpful at helping find an emotional balance to your life.  Grace’s focus is to provide specific medical information. We can help with questions about what treatment options you might have, or even how to talk to your oncologist about how to know if a procedure will improve the life you have left, or how to find a 2nd opinion from a specialist.  If treatment is out of the question then hospice is the direction in which I would go. They are the experts at how to make the most out of this impossible situation; you don’t need or even want to wait until you are very sick.  If you think of a specific question please don’t hesitate to ask. One more thing, Dr. West has often reminded us that doctors are notoriously bad at guessing how long someone has left to live. 


You asked what I would do.  I would get a second opinion, have mutation testing and look into clinical trials, then I would decide whether to move forward with treatment or move into hospice.   However, you must understand I've never personally been in this situation, my husband was, so I don't really know what I would do. 


Best of luck,