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Clinical Trials through Storytelling

We are proud to present our series on Clinical Trials Experiences. This unique patient education program gives a voice to patients with experience in participating in a clinical trial. Through storytelling and sharing their experiences, patients can educate others who are considering a similar journey.

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2022-23 Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling, Cissy White

Cissy White was diagnosed with high-grade ovarian cancer at the age of 52.  She was a published writer, and a passionate advocate and believed strongly that healing tools should be affordable, accessible, and appealing to survivors and that patient-centered care should be centered around patient voices, experiences, and collaboration.  We grew to love her, not only for her passion and willingness to share her story but because of the person she was.  Cissy passed in April of 2023, and she is deeply missed.

2022-23 Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling, Sheila Marie Johnson

Sheila Johnson was diagnosed at 43 years old with Metastatic Breast Cancer, metastasized to her liver and ribs.  She is a passionate advocate for clinical trials and breast cancer research.  She believes information sharing is important especially when it comes to clinical trials in the black community where medical mistrust is genuine and understandable.  Sheila has published her first book titled "A Survivors Lens", and a recent BET movie was made of her story: God's Grace: The Sheila Johnson Story (2023)

2021-22 Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling, Melinda Bachini

In this first video series, Melinda Bachini, a 12-year survivor of cholangiocarcinoma discusses her diagnosis, next steps, struggles, and why go through it all when dealing with the treatment of this rare cancer.

2021-22 Clinical Trials Experiences Through Storytelling, Jared Bigman

In this video series, we talk with Jared Bigman. In the span of almost nine years, Jared has had more than six cancer recurrences and participated in four clinical trials.