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If you are interested in helping GRACE at events, have fundraising ideas, have a special skill, etc., we want to hear from you! 

Current Job Opportunities: 

We are a growing non-profit that supports cancer patients throughout the United States and the world, with trustworthy information about the latest developments in treatments such as immuno-oncology, targeted therapies, and clinical trials.  


We currently have an opening for an Outreach Specialist, job description below.   This job listing will expire on November 19, 2021.


Title: Outreach Specialist 

Purpose of position: Provide technical, social media-related, and administrative outreach support to GRACE’s Executive Director, Operations Director, and Program Director to create awareness and visibility to the cancer patient community. This position is focused on improved communication between GRACE, partner organizations, patients and caregivers, and donors through online content management, social media, fundraising, technology management, and assistance and administrative assistance. 

Time commitment: Approximately 4 hours per day/20 hours per week to start with the strong potential of growing into a full-time position 

Salary estimate: $19.25 per hour / $20,000 per year. 

Job location and employment type: This is a work-from-home remote position located in the United States working as an Independent Contractor. Should this position grow into a full time (40+ hours per week position), it may be converted to a W2 employee position. 

Knowledge/Experience/Skills and Qualifications: 

  • Strong desire to help patients and caregivers during cancer treatment. Prefer cancer patient/survivor or caregiver or individual with a strong interest in our mission to educate and empower patients 
  • Tech experience: 
    • App development and/or app management experience (or willingness to learn)
    • Video editing experience (or willingness to learn) 
    • Social media expertise (including but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Reddit), specifically in regard to posting relevant content, free of bias 
  • Admin experience: 
    • Online research on a variety of topics 
    • Ability to communicate (written and oral) in an unbiased manner, putting personal opinions aside 
    • Support more than one manager and balance a variety of tasks 
    • Project management basics 
  • Work independently with as independent contractor from home office with little supervision 
  • Collaborative working style and team-player attitude 
  • Positive and encouraging personality 
  • Highly motivated with a strong work ethic 
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and committed to the team’s success 
  • Outstanding organizational skills and ability to prioritize tasks
  • Willingness to learn project management tracking tools and diligent at tracking progress
  • Flexibility. We are a small staff and often wear multiple hats to fulfill our mission. This position has the unique opportunity to work with Operations, Program, and Executive areas of the organization 
  • Attend regular staff meetings as scheduled 
  • Other duties as assigned 
  • Multilingual (Spanish and English) a plus 


Description of work: 
GRACE is looking for an experienced, proactive individual to work collaboratively with our team on organizational outreach projects. This role will oversee tasks delegated to you by the Executive Director, Operations Director, and the Program Director that involve outreach. You will need to be highly organized, adaptable, and able to prioritize tasks while working independently. While our small staff has defined roles and responsibilities, we work as a team and support each other as needed, especially during live patient education programs. The Outreach Specialist will work approximately 4 hours per day providing support for GRACE’s management team. Specifically: 


  • Operations-related Outreach Duties: 
    1. Social Media duties (approximately 50% of workload) 
      1. Social media posts of relevant content (to be developed with Operations Director) to be posted across various social media platforms several times each week learning and using Sprout Social for posting 
      2. Post an engagement piece on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Reddit approximately once a day with the following goals: 
        1. Educate the community about a cancer-related topic in an unbiased manner
        2. Direct the community to the GRACE Online Forum to continue the conversation
        3. Create more awareness about GRACE’s programs
      3. Post in the GRACE Online Forum and on social media when new content is published by GRACE, approximately twice a week, to spread awareness about new content 
      4. Post to YouTube and GRACE website, writing concise summaries of topics with help from Operations Director 
      5. Ensure ongoing management of social media and youtube channels to ‘clean up’ any spam or inappropriate content, continue ‘movement’ of content and respond in a timely manner to messaging and questions, also retweets. Recommendations to upper management for potential partnerships and relationships with influencers.
      6. Assist Operations Director with GRACE’s patient education online content tagging/posting 
      7. Other tech-related duties (with training, support, and oversight from the Operations Director) (Approximately 10% of workload)
        1. Develop, manage and maintain GRACE smartphone app and its content using nonprofit technology tools already researched
        2. Other tech support as needed (training will be provided but tech competency/willingness to learn is essential)
  • Programs-related Outreach Duties (approximately 10% of workload):
    1. Assist Program Director with tech, communication, and coordination as needed
  • Executive Director Support-related Outreach Duties (approximately 20% of workload)
    1. Partnerships
      1. Assist Executive Director with potential partnership research, outreach, and engagement 
      2. Assist Executive Director with special projects as needed 
    2. Fundraising/Awareness Outreach Duties (approximately 10% of workload)
      1. Support GRACE management team with End of Year Appeal outreach coordination (email, electronic newsletter) 
      2. Assist Executive Director with grant opportunities research 
      3. Create online and/or in-person fundraising/awareness campaigns to generate some grassroots fundraising as well as awareness about GRACE’s mission
      4. Attend small oncology conferences to represent GRACE in our patient education booth (travel, etc. paid for by GRACE) 
      5. Attend annual American Society of Clinical Oncology along with the entire GRACE team the first weekend of June each year to assist with our booth and engagement (travel, etc. paid for by GRACE) 



    Measure of success: The work of the Outreach Specialist is to support GRACE’s management team with a goal of empowering and educating the cancer patient and caregiver community as they navigate their cancer treatment. This work has a ripple effect and is greatly impactful to the advancement and fulfillment of GRACE’s mission. Therefore, success for this position will be measured, at a minimum, as follows, reviewed on a quarterly basis for metrics:

    1. Social media engagement reporting metrics (likes, shares, etc.) 
    2. Increased ability for GRACE management to grow our reach through program expansion, tech expansion and outreach/partnership expansion 
    3. Fundraising/awareness campaign attendance and revenue generation (online and/or in-person)


    Please send your resume and cover letter to Amy Bickleman, at abickleman@cancerGRACE.org, or via this form before November 19, 2021.

    We are always interested in what your skills are and what you are interested in.  If you think you can help and are interested in sharing your information with us, you are welcome to upload your resume and cover letter via this form.  

    Current Volunteer Opportunities:

    At this time there are no specific volunteer needs.  But we are always happy to talk about new ideas and how you want to help!  Please follow this link and fill out our volunteer form, or you can contact us at info@cancerGRACE.org to get in touch with us! 


    Upcoming Events:


    ASCO Annual Meeting 2022

    Dates:    June 3 – 7, 2022  • McCormick Place • Chicago, IL

    City:         Chicago

    State:       ILLINOIS

    Link: http://am.asco.org


    GRACE hopes to have 2 volunteer opportunities in the Patient Advocacy area of ASCO to be held at McCormick Place.  If you would like to volunteer with the GRACE booth in the Patient Advocacy area at ASCO 2022, please follow this link and fill out our volunteer form


    If you cannot contribute in any of the ways described above, but would still like to work with us, please feel free to write to us with your ideas.  We would like to know what you are good at and if needed, utilize your resources for GRACE.  Send in your details along with a paragraph describing your vision for our cause and the path you would take to accomplish it – you can be a writer, photographer, event coordinator, etc. We would also like to know you as a person, so feel free to add another paragraph describing your reasons for choosing to work with us.   For more information and to sign up, please follow this link and fill out our volunteer form, or you can contact us at info@cancerGRACE.org

    Thank You!


    Would you like to partner with GRACE?  We are looking for venue partners to host live forums!  Please fill out our venue partner survey!