OncTalk 2020 Live Online Dec. 5

JanineT GRACE Community Outreach
GRACE Community Outreach Team

Join the Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education for 3 LiveOnline panel discussions covering updates on Immunotherapy and Combination Treatments, Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Early and Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
For the full agenda please see https://cancergrace.org/onctalk-2020-agenda, for the attending faculty list, please visit https://cancergrace.org/onctalk-2020-faculty. We will see you there!

I joined GRACE as a caregiver for my husband who had a Pancoast tumor, NSCLC stage III in 2009. He had curative chemo/rads then it was believed he had a recurrence in the spine/oligometastasis that was radiated. He's 10 years out from treatment.