A Very Special Advocate Group

JanineT GRACE Community Outreach
GRACE Community Outreach Team

I just finished my last CancerGrace Booth Shift at ASCO.  The common themes throughout the advocate groups were how to reach more people and how to partner with one another so resources aren't wasted. Personally, I have a lot of questions and few answers.  That's where the younger, stronger, and brighter minds come in thankfully Grace is full of those. 


There was one organization that really stood out.  It was unlike any I've seen before.  It's called Pickles, kids supporting kids. Pickles Group’s mission is to provide free peer-to-peer support and resources for kids and teens impacted by their parent or guardian’s cancer.  If you know someone with a cancer diagnosis who have children between the ages of 6 and 18 please check out their site. 

I will be sharing this one at every opportunity.

I joined GRACE as a caregiver for my husband who had a Pancoast tumor, NSCLC stage III in 2009. He had curative chemo/rads then it was believed he had a recurrence in the spine/oligometastasis that was radiated. He's 10 years out from treatment.