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Dr. Ivy Riano is a thoracic oncologist at Dartmouth Cancer Center, and Assistant Professor at Dartmouth Cancer Center, affiliated to Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. Her career goal is to become an independent clinician-scientist focused on thoracic malignancies to improve the care of patients with cancer. Her clinical and research interests focused on the development of innovative therapeutic strategies and clinical trials to treat patients with lung cancer through molecularly targeted therapies and immunotherapies.

Program: Patient Education Ambassadors 2023-24
The 2023-2024 GRACE Patient Education Ambassadors discuss topics in a variety of cancers, from screening and treating prostate cancer to aiding in the cost of cancer treatment.
Ivy Riano Monsalve, MD - Guest Faculty
Patient Education Ambassadors 2023-24

La Dra. Ivy Riano analiza las diversas opciones de tratamiento para pacientes con cáncer y analiza las diversas opciones de tratamiento para pacientes con cáncer.

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