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Squamous Lung Cancer, Part 1: Diagnosis, Presentation and Workup by Dr. David Spigel
Mon, 12/02/2013 - 06:00
Dr Spigel

Low magnification photomicrograph showing marked karatinization in a squamous cell carcinoma of the lungDr. David Spigel, Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, describes the diagnosis, presentation and workup of squamous lung cancer.



Squamous Lung Cancer, Part 1: Diagnosis, Presentation and Workup Audio Podcast


What you’ll hear in Part 1:

  • Definition of squamous lung cancer
  • How and when it is diagnosed
  • The importance of a proper diagnosis 
  • The types of medical imaging a patient will receive


Glossary of some terms you’ll hear in Part 1:

Find more cancer definitions at the National Cancer Institute’s Dictionary of Cancer Terms.

  • Biopsy – The removal of cells or tissues for examination by a pathologist.
  • Genomics – The study of the complete genetic material, including genes and their functions, of an organism.
  • Histology – The study of tissues and cells under a microscope.
  • Immunohistochemistry – A technique used to identify specific molecules in different kinds of tissue.
  • Pathologist – A doctor who identifies diseases by studying cells and tissues under a microscope.
  • PET scan – A procedure in which a small amount of radioactive glucose (sugar) is injected into a vein, and a scanner is used to make detailed, computerized pictures of areas inside the body where the glucose is taken up.
  • Squamous lung cancer – One of the three sub-types of lung cancer.
  • Unresectable - Unable to be removed by surgery.
  • Work-up – An evaluation of a patient’s diagnosis.


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