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Janine taught school from 1991 to 2012. She was a special education instructor, advisor and life coach at The Horizons School for young adults in Birmingham, AL for 12 years. Janine also taught as the assistant teacher in Group 5 (4th/5th grade) at the Westland School in Los Angeles, CA. Janine earned a Master of Education and state teacher certification from the University of California in Los Angeles in 1991. Janine’s husband, Don was diagnosed with a pancoast tumor of squamous NSCLC in 2009. After curative doses of concurrent chemo and radiation a tumor on the spine then months later a tumor in the other lung was found but biopsies were undiagnosable and treatments continued until 2012. As of today, Don is NED and living life. Janine began visiting the Grace website in 2009 seeking information about her husband’s disease and hasn’t yet left because she understands the important link the forum makes between information and the individual.

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GRACE is celebrating our 10th year!

In recognition, we would like to introduce you to the staff and board members who are so deeply involved in bringing GRACE to life. In this video, we introduce Janine Thompson.

Dr. H. Jack West and the GRACE community have been helping each other since before that time but in this 10th year as a non-profit, we are pleased and humbled by the feedback and graciousness of those we have the pleasure to work with, and those who have found help and support through our GRACE site.

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The webinar has ended but you can watch this recording on-demand Here.

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Grace's 2nd Annual Spanish-Language Targeted Therapies Forum is coming up on Saturday, July 30! We are very excited to host this virtual event in Spanish again this year, and we have faculty from

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Our Targeted Therapies Forum was Saturday 7/16/2022. The forum was/is packed full of excellent, understandable, and useful information from our faculty of lung cancer specialists and Terri Conneran

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In order to help prepare as many people as possible to be educated members of their own cancer care team, Grace is having its annual Targeted Therapies Forum live...online. In English on July 16, 2022

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I've started this thread for a new member I've been messaging with and we wanted to bring the conversation to the forums.
Pandora wrote about her person who has a pancoast tumor and since my

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Hi survivour, 


You have been through a lot already at such a young age, probably too much

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Hi cancersurvivour and welcome to Grace. Congrats on the "previous" aspect of your blood cancer. A

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Hi, I'm so glad your dad was able to get his 2nd infusion. I meant to say earlier that Jim's

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Hi szhang,


Thank you for updating. I'm sorry your dad has had to put off his 2nd infusion

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Original Post: Rectal Cancer Stage 4

Hello and welcome to Grace.  I'm sorry you need to look for this info.  Stage IV rectal cancer