Janine Thompson

Janine Thompson, MEd., GRACE Community Outreach Team

Janine taught school from 1991 to 2012. She was a special education instructor, advisor and life coach at The Horizons School for young adults in Birmingham, AL for 12 years. Janine also taught as the assistant teacher in Group 5 (4th/5th grade) at the Westland School in Los Angeles, CA. Janine earned a Master of Education and state teacher certification from the University of California in Los Angeles in 1991. Janine’s husband, Don was diagnosed with a pancoast tumor of squamous NSCLC in 2009. After curative doses of concurrent chemo and radiation a tumor on the spine then months later a tumor in the other lung was found but biopsies were undiagnosable and treatments continued until 2012. As of today, Don is NED and living life. Janine began visiting the Grace website in 2009 seeking information about her husband’s disease and hasn’t yet left because she understands the important link the forum makes between information and the individual.

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GRACE is celebrating our 10th year!

In recognition, we would like to introduce you to the staff and board members who are so deeply involved in bringing GRACE to life. In this video, we introduce Janine Thompson.

Dr. H. Jack West and the GRACE community have been helping each other since before that time but in this 10th year as a non-profit, we are pleased and humbled by the feedback and graciousness of those we have the pleasure to work with, and those who have found help and support through our GRACE site.

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  Reminder...Videos from our live blood cancer onctalk forum, agenda, and accompanying slides are available here.

This link includes link to YouTube video of entire forum and a link to registration

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OncTalk 2023 was a big success and is available here.  Soon the video will be broken down into small bites of specific info,  Until then you can find the agenda and faculty bios here.



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Grace is proud to present a live, virtual, interactive patient education event that includes presentations and panel discussions covering general subjects relevant to a diverse range of blood cancers

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GRACE is passing this info along.


My name is Alex Sylvester and I am a producer with Itchy Rodent Films, LLC. I am reaching out on behalf of our independent documentary film “Spoke” about fire

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Hi Rutbats,  Welcome to GRACE and thanks for the kind words. 


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Hi Terry, Welcome to Grace. 

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That is amazing news!  Congratulations, any diagnosis here is going ti be managed easier than cancer