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Adenocarcinoma Lung expresseing ck,ema,ttf-1 - 1270221

Thank you for making me a part of your forum.

I was diagonised with a small patch on my right lung lower lobe which showed on the x-ray. After CT and Pet scan I was diagonised with Adenocarcinoma Lung expresseing ck,ema,ttf-1, immunonegtaive for synptophysin and chromogranin with no pre-maliganant condition. Stage Ct1a-NO-MO. Upon investigations doctor conducted VATS lobectomy with Tumor size 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm on April 7, 2015.
EGFR and ALK 1 mutation test was carried out and the results showed no mutation detected.
The doctor has not suggested any Chemotheraphy and radiation treatment.

My Vitamin D result is 34.9 ng/ml and Vitamin B12 is 593 pg/ml.
My Total Cholesterol is 139.6 mg/dl, S. Triglycerides, Enzymatic is 147 mg/dl, HDL is 48.3 mg/dl. LDL is 61.90 mg/dl. BP is 130/80.

From 2009 I was taking blood thinning medication Razel 5 that is statin, Disprin, vitamin B and vitamin D 1000 IU.

After VATS lobectomy my doctor has not suggested any medication. I would like to know if I can take coenzyme Q10 as a precaution and stop statin as I am on a controlled diet at present with lot of vegetables and fruits and no meat, sugar and milk. Can u also please recommend a proper diet.

Thankyou and waiting for your advice.

Hi Jude,

Hi Jude,

Welcome to Grace. While I can only imagine the diagnosis of lung cancer was and is wildly frightening it's really fortunate it was diagnosed at such an early stage. The most up to date data on the subject suggest surgery with no other treatment is the gold standard.

We can't provide you with suggestions on what drugs and supplements you should be taking. All that depends on your other health issues and should be discussed with someone who knows you and has all your medical records.

I hope you do very well moving forward.

All the best of luck and hopes,

Thankyou Janine for your kind

Thankyou Janine for your kind inputs i repect your suggestion . All the best