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Hi all, my mom had RUL lobectomy in September, 2017 and finally finished adjuvant chemo last week. At the last meeting with her oncologist, he recommended her to go on a phase Ⅲ trial for adjuvant Pembrolizumab after resection with standard adjuvant chemo (vs. Placebo). We're still considering whether she'll be on it or not.

Here is brief information about my mom.
- 59y
- fully resected stageⅡb NSCLC (invasive ademocarcinoma, grade 3)
- completed 4 cycles of adjuvant chemo (NP)
- EGFR mutation - exon 21(L861Q)
- PD-L1 expression 30%

As you can see, she is both EGFR and PD-L1 positive.
It could mean we have more options if the cancer comes back later.
Using Pembrolizumab in advance may prevent recurrence but if it doesn’t work well, it might limit our treatment option.

Is there prior or updated study results about adjuvant pembrolizumab?
If there is, it will be very helpful for me to make a decision.

Thank you all in advance.



Hi claireyoon,

Welcome to Grace. Congrats on your mom's curative treatments. I hope she is cured. Using pembrolizumab as an adjuvant or post adjuvant (I wonder how that will be put if it turns out a viable option) is a brand new question in lung cancer care and we don't have any definitive answers yet. I think the study your mom is considering is,…

The problem with making any conclusions about adjuvant treatment just yet is none of them have been in trial long enough to say if it has better, worse or neutral efficacy on the overall survival of this group of people who have had surgery and adjuvant chemo and it's dangerous to make any assumptions.

I'm sorry that there isn't a better answer or the real show of promise that's something that will take more time.

Let us know what she decides.
All best,