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background: 3/11 dx with sclc limited. 4 rounds of Carbo/VP16 ----- 30 chest and neck txs. Finished 5/26/11
Finished Aug 15 , 2011 with 15 rounds of PCI. Pet Scan 7/11 FDG uptake in Tumor area was 3.2 and was thought I had Pneumonitis (SP?) Next Pet 1/29/12 showed a central cavitation in a 2.9x2.0 mass with FDG uptake of 13 and a paratracheal node 8mm in size with FDG uptake of 6.7. EBUS + Bronch done 2/10 6 to 7 passes in the node and brushing of the mass. Pathology was ............Neg..........Normal epithelial cells
May I please get your opinion.

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Maybe I did something wrong.......... Everyone must be busy today............ OH gosh forgot its Valentine Day.

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Hi, grannysb. I've seen these two possts of yours and been wondering if anyone has gotten back with you. If not, I would guess that it might be because of a design flaw with the new program that hasn't been corrected yet and no one has seen your post (but me, and I happened to stumble onto it). You might try copying your question and posting it in a topic like Site Improvement Ideas. From what I've seen, that site is being monitored.

Dr West
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I apologize. We're still figuring out how to make it easy for people to ask questions but not have questions scattered everywhere, where people might miss them. We missed this one, and we're going to shut down this area of the forums so that people can post in the most relevant subject-directed forum that appears in the drop-down menu).

To answer your question, my concern would be that this could be that there's nothing going on, but the alternative explanation is that the biopsies just missed the real process going on. If the level of suspicion from the imaging is high enough, a biopsy that is negative is better interpreted as "non-diagnostic", as in "no real answer", rather than "it looks good". That would be my concern here.

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