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Are there waiting lists for .. - 1246018

Are there waiting lists for clinical trials and if yes can a person be put on multiple different waiting lists?
Also if someone is granted access to a clinical trial... do they start treatment right away as it is based on total number of people in a given trial and ergo it does not matter that everyone in a trial starts treatment at the same time?
Thank you so much again for any information, your time, help and caring.

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I've not heard of waiting lists but doesn't mean they don't exist sometimes. From what I've read of others experience once accepted you start right away.

Let's see if others with experience have input.

It may help if the threads' titles let the reader or browser know as much about the content as possible. You'll get more input that way.

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I wouldn't say never, but it's unusual to have a waiting list for trials. With small, phase I trials with very new agents, there might be very small groups of patients on a trial who enroll at a certain drug level, then a wait to see how they tolerate it, and then another group of patients who enroll at the next level. But for bigger trials, they are really based on what's open at a given time. There can be waits if a trial is being opened at a given center and it's known that it'll be a few weeks until the trial is ready to enroll patients, but otherwise, large trials are open to many people for months at a time, and sometimes years, before they close.

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