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Cell Cycle Arrest


Hi All,

A lung nodule was found almost 3 years ago that was believed to be malignant since it showed up as spiculated on the CT scan, the size was 1.4 x 1.0 cm.   We  believed it was in cell cycle arrest due to the fact it was also  found on a prior CT a year prior when checking past CT scans, but was missed at that time, it was the sameo,  1.4  x  1.0 cm.    We have done periodic scans every 3-6 months and it has remained exactly the same size.  On the current CT done a few weeks ago the size measured 1.4 x  1.1 cm, a  0.1 cm increase. All my scans have been done at the same location, on the same machine and interpreted by the same radiologist to allow consistent results////.  My question,  is the 0.1 change  a forebearer of things to come or just some sort of error due to some variable?  The nodule has not been ttouched in any way, I never allowed them to do a biopsy, but a PET scan was done about a year ago, which was dimly lit showing very little activity, I think it came up as a 5, with the background was a 4.      Is it possible the periodic CT scans and PET can cause growth to begin, I have been doing low dose CT, 1.5 mSv, not sure what the PET was.    Thank you.    


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Cell cycle arrest

Hi John,


Welcome to GRACE. I'm glad to hear that the nodule has remained unchanged for three years; that's a very good sign that it is not cancer. The spiculated appearance certainly raises suspicion that it could be, but of course only a biopsy could confirm a cancer diagnosis, and although cancer is capable of practically anything, it would be extremely unusual for an untreated nodule to fail to grow over a three-year period. Even if the nodule does represent cancer, such a slow-growing nodule is unlikely to be life-threatening or warrant intervention.


As far as a 1 mm change on the most recent scan, that's really too small an increment to definitively indicate real growth. A slight difference in the way the series of images "cut" or a very small difference in your body's position/angle on the scanning table (after all, a millimeter is quite tiny) could account for the difference.


The amount of radiation from your scans is relatively small, but more importantly the process of radiation causing the development of cancer is much longer than the three years you've been following this nodule. Although there is a slight risk that scans could cause cancer to develop, it's a long process of a series of mutations developing over many years.


I would view these latest scans as further evidence that the nodule remains stable, and that's great news.


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Jim,Thank you very much for


Thank you very much for the reassurance.  When the report showed an increase in nodule dimensions I started thinking of the worst scenario.  THe doctors have been after me to have it biopsied for a while now, but I know that can possibly cause spreading of the cells, so I am leaving it in peace and maybe it will do the same.  They have also recommended having a lobectomy, but I do not want to loose part of my lung and potentially have breathing issues unless it is necessary.  The doctors seem not to want to leave well enough alone,  an if they open up Pandora's Box, they will say it would have happened anyway. Someone up there is watching over me and I am not gonna mess up their plans if I can help it. Thank you again for easing my tensions.  Good luck and Good Health.