Spanish Language Targeted Therapies Forum, Live, Online, and Free


Grace's 2nd Annual Spanish-Language Targeted Therapies Forum is coming up on Saturday, July 30! We are very excited to host this virtual event in Spanish again this year, and we have faculty from several countries participating :-) Dr. Luis Raez, GRACE Board Member, is our Chairperson for this event this year.

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The agenda

Watch Videos of 7/16/22 Targeted Therapies Live Forum


Our Targeted Therapies Forum was Saturday 7/16/2022. The forum was/is packed full of excellent, understandable, and useful information from our faculty of lung cancer specialists and Terri Conneran Founder of KRAS Kickers, lung cancer survivor, and patient advocate. Terri added a very important dimension to the day (she's one of us, a layperson who has a most personal stake in cancer treatment and patient advocacy).


CEA marker over 200


I have NSCLC and have been off any treatment for a year after developing scarring and interstitial complications. My lung CTs have been stable but my CEA markers keep rising. They are currently over 200 which I have read indicates massive disease. I had to ask for a PET scan and a brain CT. They showed only one bone met which was radiated. The tumor markers went down briefly and at the next CT/labs has begun to rise again to its highest level ever. My onc is only continuing to monitor because he sees no active disease, but I am very concerned.

Live, Virtual and Free Targeted Therapies Forum July 2022


In order to help prepare as many people as possible to be educated members of their own cancer care team, Grace is having its annual Targeted Therapies Forum In English on July 16, 2022, and in Spanish on July 30, 2022. Top oncologists in their field will meet online to discuss present standards of care and clinical trials. There will be large and small group discussions and Q and A.  Check in regularly as we get the schedule set. 

Clinical Trial Research


I was diagnosed from a lymph node biopsy in early February of this year. After many tests I've have NSCLC stage IV with brain metastases. They just finished radiating the tumors in my brain and starting treatment after wash out period in a clinical trial. How do I search for clinical trials based on my genetic testing? Based on the details of my report, would I research ONLY trials for PIK3CA? Is there anything else in the report I should search on for potential trials?

The genetic testing showed the following genomic variants and how they were categorized in the report:

OncTalk 2021 12/11/2021 Free Live Online


OncTalk,  Grace's live online forum is Dec. 11, 2021.   The agenda is still being fleshed out but with so much going on in lung cancer treatment there's no shortage of topics.  So far the agenda is full of topics I'm eager to hear our faculty discuss.   You'll have the opportunity to ask questions live and of course, continue the conversation on forums boards

Pancoast Tumor


Looking for some insight as I am concerned about having a Pancoast Tumor. I am 44yr old female smoker that quit 6months ago. In July, I started to have tingling/numbness in my pinky and outside ring finger and palm of my hand.  It has been constant and has never stopped it correlates to the Ulnar Nerve. As time has progressed I am having more scapula, shoulder chest and arm pain...not constant and it's tolerable. I had a chest X-ray in April (before this began) and a cervical X-ray a few weeks ago..nothing majorly found.