OncTalk 2021 12/11/2021 Free Live Online


OncTalk,  Grace's live online forum is Dec. 11, 2021.   The agenda is still being fleshed out but with so much going on in lung cancer treatment there's no shortage of topics.  So far the agenda is full of topics I'm eager to hear our faculty discuss.   You'll have the opportunity to ask questions live and of course, continue the conversation on forums boards

Pancoast Tumor


Looking for some insight as I am concerned about having a Pancoast Tumor. I am 44yr old female smoker that quit 6months ago. In July, I started to have tingling/numbness in my pinky and outside ring finger and palm of my hand.  It has been constant and has never stopped it correlates to the Ulnar Nerve. As time has progressed I am having more scapula, shoulder chest and arm pain...not constant and it's tolerable. I had a chest X-ray in April (before this began) and a cervical X-ray a few weeks ago..nothing majorly found.

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Genetic Tarceva


Hi, my spouse has been taking Tarceva for a few years.  To my knowledge, generic Tarceva has been available on market since last year.  I was wondering if any of you know the efficacy of the generic Tarceva.  Those generics include Mylan, Teva and Armas.  Do they have the same efficacy as the branded Tarceva?  Do these generic brands show differences in efficacy from one to another?  Any information is appreiated?  Thank you.




The ADAURA clinic trial has proven that patients taking Tagrisso with IB-IIIA NSCLC had a 79% reduction in disease recurrence and the disease free survival rates were 89%.  Based on this trial I of course want to get on this medication ASAP.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been FDA approved for my group (Stage IIIA) yet and therefore my insurnce will not pay for it.  Does anyone have any idea how I can obtain this medicine at a somewhat affordabel cost?  Will Beacon Pharma sell Tagrix to me since I live in the US?  Does Bonhoa have legitimate medication?  All help is

Returning to Tagrisso after suspending it


Hello, my father was in Tagrisso for 9 weeks. His symptoms started to deteriorate particularly having shortness of breath (although his pain was much better) so doctors did a bronchoscopy and a CT Scan and found progression. He has been switched to chemotherapy. A second opinion mentioned that he should have gotten a PET Scan and that there was not sufficient evidence to eliminate Tagrisso. We had such high hopes for the medicine that we are now with thoughts about if we did what was correct and if he can return to Tagrisso at some point in the future.