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My father had been tested for EGFR mutations and found L858R positive. He is taking gefitinib now.

I am wondering if it is possible to do a complete genome test looking for other mutations to identify more treatment options and clinical trials. Our doctor in China told us there might be better technologies in US, and recommended us to take the samples to US for the testing.

My question is where do I find these testing services? And what mutations should I test?




I'm going to let Dr. West or Jim speak to this. I just want to let you know we'll get it answered today.

It's so unlikely that your father would have 2 mutations that we have treatments for that testing is usually stop if one is found. If there is a trial for a drug testing for a new targeted gene mutation the researchers do there own testing or have tissue tested at a specific location.

I must admit I've not read this but it sounds very interesting.

I don't know where you are but Grace is teaming up with some other organizations for a patient forum on immunotherapies. They are proving very promising in lung cancer and other cancers trials. If you are near or if we get lucky and it's streamed online (?!) here is some info on when, what and where,

I hope your father does very well for a long time on gefitinib.

All best,

Dr West
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There are several labs that are now offering genomic testing. Among the best known is Foundation Medicine in Boston. However, there is usually (about 97% of the time) one "driver" mutation, so it is very unlikely that an additional "actionable" mutation will be identified beyond the activating EGFR mutation he is already known to have.

-Dr. West

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Dear Dr. West and catdander,

Thank you for your replies, the information you provide is very helpful.

I'd love to learn more about immunothreapy. I have registered for the forum. I live in Chicago suburb, so if you need any help just let me know.