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Curiousity - 1267889

Hi everyone,
I had my 6 month follow up CT. The nodules appear unchanged and I am ecstatic about it!
I do however have a few questions.

It states "Small amount of fluid noted in the superior pericardial recesses"


"thickening of the left adrenal gland".

So, my question is, with no signs of masses or large nodules in my lungs, what is the likelihood that these two incidences have anything to do with the cancer?
I am leaning towards nothing at all, and that they are no big deal. However, I am sure you all understand that it still lurks in the back of our minds!
Thanks all

On a side note, I just read that Debra has passed. This saddens me so. She was such a wonderful person, so caring, supportive, and contributed so much to this site. She will be missed greatly by all who knew her. Much love and prayers to her family.

Dr West
I can't say for sure, but

I can't say for sure, but these kinds of notations are very common background comments that are just part of the noise in reports, as they catalog every little thing. These tend to be meaningless unless they show changes over time.

-Dr. West

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