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Sat, 03/03/2012 - 08:02

So is this the correct place to post new comments? I hope so!!! Slowly but surely trying to figure this all out!

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Dr West

Yes, it can be confusing, because now there are many different forums for leaving different kinds of questions. But as we handle a more diverse collection of questions from a wider range of people about more cancers, it'll be important to not pool questions about all sorts of things all in the same place for people to sift through.

Unfortunately, this is not quite the right place, but don't lose hope. It's the place to post comments about the website and suggestions. If you have a question about lung cancer, go to the "Your Cancer Focus" tab on the toolbar, then go down and click on lung cancer. You'll get to that area, and you can click on the right side on the peach button for the forums, then leave a question there. Or you can ask a general question about cancer by going under the tab "General Cancer Info" and clicking on "General Cancer Questions" or "cancer treatments/symtoms" etc.

Actually, you've helped me think of a new way to make it clearer. It will mean yet another tweak of the site, but I think it will now make it clear to people that there are multiple choices for leaving a question, and they'll be able to see all of them at once and select the best forum from there.

-Dr. West


O my goodness, I really thought I had it this time. I think that helped Dr. West, because I haven't even been to the Your Cancer Focus area, I was just jumping on board were others posted. Ok, back to navigating, my kids are so neglected right now!!! :)