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<p>I was dx&#39;d with Bronchioavelor Carcinomna (BAC) in Sept 2011. I tested postive for EGFR and was placed on Tarceva and I have been on it for almost ten years&nbsp; and have remained pretty much stable. I&nbsp;recently had a pet scan and it did show&nbsp;I&nbsp;&nbsp;have a hpermetabolic airspace disease a with an SUV of 5.7 and my oncologist belives I have hit the Tarveca resistance wall and wants to put me on Tagrisso (which I am fine with). The rest of my pet scan was clean and no mets anywhere.</p><p>Still waiting gene mutation results to come back from a recent lung biopsy but If I already tested postive for the EGFR ten years ago would that still be the case thiis time?</p><p>Thanks Rene</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Welcome to Grace Rene.  I'm sorry you're going through this.   It's common for a lung cancer with an EGFR mutation to mutate again during treatment.  Most commonly to a T790Mutation which tagrisso can treat.   You want to make sure this is progression that calls for a change.   If you don't have T790M you might want to get a 2nd opinion on next steps with some one who treats a lot of BAC if you're not already.  


I'm glad you've done so well and hope you continue on that path.   let us know if you have other questions.  


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