Possible Pancoast Tumor?

Hi - I'd like to post this and see if anyone has any feedback because my mind has been going in loops. About a month ago I noticed a small swelling in my left armpit that was, and currently still is, painless - just seems like excess fluid. However, my armpit/shoulder felt tight, like I wanted to grab a doorframe and stretch. I would also get a bit on numbness/tingling in the left hand - mostly on and off throughout the day. When symptoms didn't abate after about a week-and-a-half I went to see my GP, who order an ultrasound to check for blood clots, which were not detected.

What do the symptoms of pancoast tumour feel like in real life?


I've trawled through the website and seen many concerned threads of people who thought they had Pancoast cancer.

I was just wondering what the symptoms are in real life?

E.g. With the shoulder pain/upper back pain cause by Pancoast, are there spots in the back that ache like trigger points or is there no pain in the muscles at all?

When diagnosed with Horner syndrome, did you have all of the symptoms of drooping eyelids, smaller pupils and lack of sweat or was it only a smaller pupil for instance?

Lung Nodule concern question

Hello everyone my mother has had a persistent cough for about a year. No other symptoms besides a little chest pain. X rays came back good. She had a CT Scan because she is annoyed with this cough and the results came back as followed below: 2 small nodules. One is 3mm and the other is 6mm. How concerning is this? Please any response will help! Thank you


<p>I was dx&#39;d with Bronchioavelor Carcinomna (BAC) in Sept 2011. I tested postive for EGFR and was placed on Tarceva and I have been on it for almost ten years&nbsp; and have remained pretty much stable. I&nbsp;recently had a pet scan and it did show&nbsp;I&nbsp;&nbsp;have a hpermetabolic airspace disease a with an SUV of 5.7 and my oncologist belives I have hit the Tarveca resistance wall and wants to put me on Tagrisso (which I am fine with).

PleurX catheter causing new pain

I'm writing here for my mom, who is 90 and unable to participate directly. While her lung cancer is in remission, she has CHF and had a PleurX catheter placed a little over two months ago for right-side pleural effusion. At first, it caused significant enough pain that we considered removing it and returning to regular thoracentesis procedures, but the pain largely subsided after about a week. The pain returned a bit under a week ago and has been quite bad. Her cardiologist's presumption is that it slipped one way or another and is now in a troublesome position.

Something Huge To Be Grateful For

I was diagnosed with a 9 cm Pancoast tumor in October 2020, a rather rare form of lung cancer located in the apex causing indescribable shoulder pain.  The first Pet Scan showed destruction of the 2nd and 3rd rib with a fracture of the 2nd.  My first treatment plan was radiation five days a week at the same time with chemo, Taxol/Carboplatin, once a week.  After the third radiation treatment the pain disappeared overnight.  

Pancoast cancer

Hi all,

I am 43 years old and have history of smoking for 15 years with 4 cigarettes per day.And I have stopped smoking from past one year.I am experiencing Pain in my right shoulder blade and chest pain from past 3 months.Recently pain is radiating to right hand too.Mild pain is always there which is disturbing me a lot.I went through internet about my symptoms and have a fear that I might have pancoast cancer.

2020 TTF AM SESSION Q&A Panel - The Role of Liquid Biopsies

In this video from the AM Question and Answer Session of the event, Drs. West, Raez, Weiss and Janne discuss the role of liquid biopsies to track disease response and the potential for acquired resistance.


Denise is breaking down the plethora of information from the 2020 Targeted Therapies Forum.  Thanks DBrock!

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