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I feel glad to be here to share with you that I have passed 4 years living with lung cancer .
Why I say living with lung cancer ? It is because the small " c" is in my lung and body since dx in June '08.
After round of chemo and targeted drug, small "c" is stuborn and therefore, I decided learn how to live with it. It grow over the year with the biggest tumour from about 3 cm since dx and it's 12 cm since Aug '11.
I celebrate my 4th years and two days later went for scan , ct scan show not much changes, and doctor suggested to start chemo. As for mri brain, report show tumour say " Hello SK, I am here" and my answer is " So what ! You will be burn and kill soon ", it's how I start whole brain radiation 4 days ago.
I feel good for the last 4 years. Yes ! There is up and down during the treatment journey, but, overall I did enjoy many quality days with my family . Meantime, I make lot of friends ( in Grace , in Cancer compass , in Treatment dairy ) who support me with their sharing and encouragement. I will like to thanks doctor in Grace who spend their time by giving us advise and sharing of so much information. This is the best site I join . GREAT !
To all in Grace , I would like to share that cancer is not the end . Important is we learn , how to deal with it, how to live with it , what to expect for all the possible side effect, sympton and what expected to happen next in the this journey. Once we know, we will not worry or fear anymore . Always remember that fear and worry is our number ONE enemy. So, don't let it control us .
I pray Lord to bless us with Joy, Happiness, Good Health and heal us from all sickness.
God bless !



SK, that's such an uplifting view of this terrible situation. I agree though that it's the best way to focus your energy. If I'm not mistaken it's proven to be helpful. But also quite hard to manage I'm sure.

You say, " So what ! You will be burn and kill soon “. You're tough. :wink: Keep up the positive vibe and live your life. I hear it's the best medicine...well after chemo, targeted drugs, radiation, surgery... :roll:

I'll keep you in my thoughts and pass along your spirited words and ways.


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Janine ,
Thks .
Yes ! It's not easy to manage, but, it can be done with strong will and all the support .
One more thing I learn is to accept the fact, accept what have happen, prepare to face the worst and look forward for the best .
Once we accepted the fact that one day we will be call home by Lord, we accept it and no more fear to face it, we will be able to live with a peaceful heart and appreciate every day we have and enjoy it with family and friends.
Meantime, thks for your guide on how to make my signature, I been trying this morning and not manage to get it done. Great ! I make it now .

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Hello SK, your indomitable spirit and outlook of life set a great example of how there is life after cancer - if there is a will to continue living meaningfully, there's always a way.

Can I ask whether you undergo treatment in KL or do you commute to SG?

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Dr West / Lisa ,
Thks .

Luke ,
I undergo my treatment in KL . Only for the first year , I travel to Singapore for 2nd opinion whenever I change drug for treatment.
I did think of doing it in Singapore, but, after I meet the visiting Lung professor from John Hopkins Maryland , when he is in John Hopkins Singapore. He advice me to have treatment in KL, since my family is here, he told me , what I need is to have peace of mind and confidence when I am undergo treatment, travel away from home will add additional stress to me, unless there is no chooice, I should do it nearby home , so that, I can have support from family and friends around me .
He also tell me, if my oncologist is professional, he should accept my request to communicate and share idea with doctor in Singapore about my treatment, if needed.
So, I decided to do it in KL.
Are you in Malaysia ?